Minmax~ : max/msp and other things livestream (TBD)

the recent shift toward live streaming workshops here has been really great : ) as promised I’m gonna try and start up my own.

overall I’d like to roll with a “let’s make a thing in an hour or so” structure as opposed to a strictly tutorial style, and I’d also like to take some opportunities to develop ideas from other people as opposed to my own ideas. there will probably be a max focus since that is I guess the technology I have been using mostly, but it won’t be exclusive

but before that let’s start off with some ~democracy~ :

  • saturdays
  • sundays
  • weekdays

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  • max / norns app creation
  • prososdy / norns app overviews
  • musical process stuff

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Stoked on this! Just started offering the first online courses through the maker space I helped start here in pdx. We’re doing weekly Intro to Pure Data courses atm and hopefully soon offering other courses in things like Processing, OBS, VCVRack, Tidal Cycles and Max. We’re planning to also host one off seminars. Would love to have you if that’s something that you’d be interested in!


Can you post link to the pure data class?

Max!! On all the days!

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@faded whateverspace.org Unfortunately both of them are full but we will be offering them again after these cohorts finish. I do have video recordings of the workshops that we will be uploading to youtube or something like that. If you’d like I can email those to you?


Yes definitely thanks

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@andrew if you’re able to record and post them later that’d be great for those of us living around the world (Trent & Dan’s have been super useful to have recorded for studying later).


please do some Max stuff

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Just purchased Max…again…for the third time…and this time I intend to make it stick in my brain, so any livestream help would be fantastic.

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@mmml I have a quite long on-off relationship with max, but maybe this time it will last a while longer…

@andrew is this day times or evenings? the answer changes how i respond to the poll. thx

I’m thinking afternoons so it would would be better for EU folks

I definitely want to record them too - thinking about using youtube live so the comments stick around in the archive