Miraweb: Max UI in your browser

Opens up a lot of UI possibilities.


just got it this morning
havent even had a chance to take it for a spin

(as someone who had the ipad app but wished it wasn’t restricted to large format ios devices, this is great news!)

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played with this yesterday its really interesting , and as you say opens up a lot of possibilities…

but I think perhaps more exciting is the underlying technology Xebra
(ok, perhaps only exciting if your a geek ;))
Sam/Cycling 74, has done another great video explaining this.

spoiler: Xebra allows you to access max objects from javascript in your browser… this is how miraweb works, but with Xebra you can go well beyond this, basically controlling you patch with a completely custom interface.
it all is pretty straightforward JS, so could be a lot of fun to play with …
(though Im now waiting for Cycling74 to release the 28 hour day package ;))


As a JavaScript and D3/SVG geek, I am super stoked about Xebra.

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I was just having a look at this at lunchtime.
Pretty cool. I didn’t pay much attention to Mira because I don’t have an iPad but this really opens it up.
Will have to have a play around over the festive break.

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