mirrored heart: dan derks

Love this - especially the last track - reminds me of Prefuse 73. Very much looking forward to hills and kildare


What a great day! New Dan Derks music and a new script coming soon. Can’t wait to dive in!!


Awwww! DanDerks, you’re one of the best.
You sold me my grid. (you did)
Your scripts flip my lid. (they do)
Feel free to rub it into your chest! (you should)

:hugs:You’re welcome :hugs: h


Thanks for sharing these songs as well as the context and inspiration they came from. Looking forward to the scripts because I’m sure they will inspire others to create interesting things too.


So incredible! These songs/performance have been so inspiring and I can’t wait to get my hands on hills :slight_smile:


ah dang, seriously, thank y’all so much for the kind vibes toward this exploratory capsule. it’s incredibly heartening to read your messages, both here and direct, and i’m beyond stoked to see what y’all get into with the script! :revolving_hearts:


it has taken

every. single. ounce of self-control to hold back and refrain from pestering dan about this script
i’m proud of myself :smile:


Wow, awesome broken beats I wasn’t expecting. Love this style and the saturation you got going on


congrats dan :stars: these suit the ep format so well & i’m glad to have them in my pocket anytime

having also been really deep into script dev in the last two years i can relate with that disoriented feeling that comes with stepping away from creative practice for such a long time (also struggled w/ this for the stream & other shows this yr). really glad you were able to bounce back in & discover these killer momes :man_rowing_boat:


Loved this album. Sounds so unique and true, no pretention whatsoever, which is something really hard to find these days: Everyone wants to sound like everybody else (i include myself in that list) but this one, not at all. And the beats are killer. Great job! (instant purchase)


Pure magic, Dan. Thank you so much for sharing!


This is my favorite kind of monome content. I don’t really know what’s happening, but I can make educated assumptions while watching the live performance. Metaphorical and mysterious. Palatable and packed with that good monome flavor. Very magical and inspired. I’ll be revisiting this set a lot. Squills will get me movin every time I hear it. This script is very performable, it’s fun to watch. I look forward to messing with the it upon release.


just a quick bump of gratitude for the humbling expressions of sweetness shared by folks here.

this past weekend, as part of the norns / habitus workshop at monome [sept 24-25 2022], i was very lucky to share a lot of wonderful time with the absolutely brilliant @jaseknighter (saving my direct tags of him for later), whose thoughtful + playful energy inspired a few quick expressions from the same script that led to mirrored heart. i thought it might be fun to pop the recordings into the same collection, so the album’s got 9 tracks now. new stuff starts with spin! (tyty @carltesta for bringing yr kiddo to the workshop, who directly inspired all the new track titles).

mega love to both @glia (folodek continues to provide mountains of inspiration, and i was so stoked to use some of the samples for spin! + times!) + @zbs (your mangrove + JF perc samples are so compelling and useful – i was immediately excited by them and they very quickly set up the situation for cheater or cheetah?)



yesss! so happy to see these in the collection. it was such a pleasure hearing these in person this weekend.


i love this idea and am even more glad i got the album
wonderful surprise!


dear reader, Dan performed these five songs with a single Norns script, a grid, and a 16n. a revelatory moment for me was when they moved four or five faders at once before jumping back to play something onto the grid. I overheard @jaseknighter mention the idea of an “affordance” that a tool might give you—an opening into a way of playing that might not otherwise exist. Anyway, that’s something the 16n—particularly with the nice flat fader caps that Dan had—offers.
Super inspired by these tunes, particularly the slight lilt on that means you like your family


What a lovely collection of movement! It was a pleasure catching the performance on the twitch stream and wish I could’ve experienced the sets live. I’m glad that I have mirrored heart in my library. <3


hihi! hope everyone’s well :slight_smile:

this past weekend, i performed at Glockabelle’s LoveFest, an event born out of need for more fluorescent joys this winter season. i was honored to open for Glockabelle and Yuka C. Honda, playing a sold out BUSHEL Collective.

Yuka generously provided us with access to two Bose L1 Pro32’s + two Bose Sub2’s, which heavily informed my preparations – i had a ton of fun exploring sub-bass frequencies on a system designed to make 'em shine (or totally envelop or thump-through-your-entire-body or whichever word/phrase feels most appropriate :wink: ).

prep for this show also led to further refinements and insights for the final leg of development on hills + kildare, two sides of a fuzzy-time and fluid-timbre approach to sequencing + synthesis that i’ve been teasing out for my own stuff. i’m excited to be closing in on their finished state, and hope to feel comfortable sharing it with the larger norns community soon.

though perhaps externally illegible, my internal process was heavily inspired by the late Milford Graves – i highly recommend snagging a copy of A Mind-Body Deal, as it’s been a constant source of reframing for me lately.

anyway, all to note that my LoveFest set has been added to mirrored heart, as tracks 10-12:

thanks so much for all your kindnesses above <3333
they are hugely impactful + appreciated.


ahhhh i forgot these would be added to the collection

CAN’T WAIT to crack into em


Just re-downloaded it now and listening back to the first of the three Glockabelle recordings and, wow, what an awesome sound, I’m thinking ‘purposeful drifting’, but I’m not sure if that’s really an accurate description of what I’m hearing!

Thank you so much for sharing these compositions which will sustain me while I keeping a watchful eye out for hills + kildare! :green_heart: