Mirrorless Cameras

I was looking at the X100 last year but was convinced by a friend that I’d have more fun with interchangeable lenses. I ended up buying a used Fuji X-E3 and the Fuji XF27mm v2 ‘pancake’ lens. Together, they’re about as close as you can get to the X100’s ‘pocketable’ dimensions. But with option of also using any other Fuji or adapted lens, which has become one of the most interesting aspects for me.

I’ve been very happy with the decision. They’re a good pair.

Since then, I’ve become less concerned with low-profile portability, which had been a deciding factor, and more interested in being able to shoot in rain/snow and cold. (I’m in Canada and a big appeal of photography is that it gets me out walking.) So when a used X-T3 popped up nearby at a good price couple of months ago I jumped on it. But I expect to keep the X-E3 for summer, travel and any situation where I want to be more discrete, whether at a dinner table or in the street.

EDIT: While I didn’t intend to end up with two cameras, the pair of them ended up costing quite a bit less than what a new X100V was selling for last year.


I would recommend the 35mm f2 rather than f1.4 for Fuji cameras. It’s cheaper, smaller, makes great photos and has a good autofocus. This is the only lens I have with my X-T10 and I’m very happy with it.

But I also agree that a good recent phone camera is better in many situations these days. I take more photos of my kids with my pixel6 than with my Fuji and the result is honestly quite good. If I know I might want to take photos and can bring the Fuji it is a different experience and a different result, though. But one does not replace the other, in the end.

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Just want to rep the 35mm 1.4, which is by far my favorite Fuji lens. Has a rendering that I find totally irresistible—I might be unique in this way, but I feel relief coming back to this lens after using the others.

If you find some modern designs to be a little too wiry or caffeinated, like I do, the 35 1.4 has a lovely way of drawing. On my X-pro 3 the focusing is plenty fast, if not silent and instant like the F2 lenses, but it’s literally never caused a single missed shot. YMMV if you’re a “run and gun” street photog type, I am not.

I might sell my camera some day, but I’ll never sell my copy of this lens.

Here are a few SOOC jpegs to demonstrate!