Mirrorless Cameras

Wow. Didn’t realize that the body is still that expensive.

There’s a used one locally for $1300 :neutral_face:

I know we all buy modules and gear used, how do the camera people feel about used cameras in the digital age?

What lenses are you planning on using? If you can try the cameras out with your chosen lenses it might be enough to swing the ergonomics one way or the other. A heavy lens on the X-T30 might be hard work without the handgrip.

Also, how do you carry your camera? Round your neck/shoulder, or held in hand? Since switching to mirrorless I’ve been using a small handstrap and holding the camera in hand, the hand grip on my X-T3 works well for a relaxed grip.

And just to make life even more confusing, you can always get a half-case for an X-T30 to add the missing grip back in.

I owned an FE2, and I have that same feeling about it being the pinnacle. Both my X-T3 (and the X-T1) hit the same spot for me.

Make sure you’re chosen lenses have an aperture ring (the zooms have endless encoders, the primes with aperture rings have numbered clicks).

For travel I’m keen to use a fixed pancake lens, which for the Fuji is 27mm. Doesn’t appear to have an aperture ring. I did actually look into renting one, but they don’t rent out any of the stuff I’m looking at.

yeah kinda surprised the X-pro2 didn’t get mentioned yet.

also fuji shooters (and I guess sony aps-c tho i think that’s just me?), this is my zeiss touit 32/1.8, which I’ve done possibly everything with including fully submerging it. It’s an easier choice at a 2nd hand price for e-mount bc there aren’t as many options but it’s been an absolute workhorse for me and it’s not as compact as some of the X series lenses but hey the X version has an aperture ring that mine doesn’t!

if you’re planning to mostly use the camera while traveling with a single pancake lens, then I would strongly lean towards the X100T.

the 23mm on the X100 is better than the 27mm. 16mp is plenty for a lot of uses and the jpeg rendering is (as mentioned) really good. I’ve done long trips with just this camera and it’s great.

given the prices you posted, this seems like the best solution.

if you want interchangeability, then that’s another matter, but I prefer traveling without it most of the time.

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It’s certainly appealing in that regard. But a lot more money. Probably need to stay under a grand… Would a used X100T be worth while?

i recently got a bargain on a second hand X70, which is the model I was looking for.

I wanted to reconnect with my photographic practice of years ago, when I went anywhere with a Nikon FM + 28mm lens. I had other lenses but the 28mm has always been my preferred focal length.
So i began to look for that in modern mirrorless and settled on the Fuji line (because of the dial controls and the idea of using mostly in-camera jpg). The price of an X-Pro2 + lens was a bit too much for me and the X70 was the only compact they had with the “28mm equivalent”.
I am not disappointed. Not having a viewfinder is less difficult to adapt to than i thought, even if it makes things (much) slower. It is compensated by the ability to put the camera in my daily bag. I’ll probably get used to it in a year or so.
I find exposure more difficult to get right than with film. On-board screens are a source of errors imho in that regard.

yes, definitely. the newer X100F is nice, but the upgrade is minimal.

if you can find a nice used X100T, go for it. just make sure the shutter button doesn’t stick.

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This is pretty much what I concluded tonight too. Found on for $800cad… Will try check it out tomorrow.

Can’t quite tell if this has become the Fuji enthusiasts thread or if it really is the only decent choice at the moment :slight_smile:

Couple of questions:

Video - how does the Fuji compare with say Sony stuff?

Are Sony (which I would go for based on RL friends input) and Fuji the best games in town?

Sony has a reputation for great low light performance - what’s the Fuji stuff like?

Lastly there are so many bloody serial numbers and version options - don’t suppose anyone has come across some sort of guide to the Fuji or Sony product lines?

(currently got an RX100viii, had a old Olympus PL5 but it’s full of sand :frowning: (shooting into blowing sand on the beach - made great video, less good for my camera) )

in the latest generation and on the high-end, they are similarly capable. going back one generation and prior, Sony will likely win out.

for APS-C mirrorless, yes.

Fuji uses Sony sensors these days (as does almost everyone else), so noise performance should be very similar.

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Hi I’m the Sony Enthusiast. and I refer to you @karst’s reply as I mostly agree with it.

as I may have documented earlier in this thread, I acquired an a6000 for my last job when everyone decided I was a photographer (I was not! I am now?). I needed a small enough, affordable contemporary body with low/weird light and exception autofocus performance. 11 fps in continuous drive turned out to be an essential bonus at a school for kids with special needs (things moved quickly). I don’t know why the fuji’s weren’t on my radar at B&H when I went to scope cameras but I found the a6000 massively more appealing than the nikon/canon options at that price. I have an a6500 now, told that story somewhere here. It’s really excellent, personally would have to really shoot with a Fuji at that price point to tell which is “better.”

I satisfied my GAS on cheap vintage lenses on ebay so at least 50% of the time I’m shooting with manual focus and that’s been a pleasure with the Sony’s.

I think the Fuji X series is excellent as well and recommend it as heartily as the Sony. said it above, I think the lens selection for X is better than that for aps-c e-mount, but the e-mount lenses I have are really excellent. there are a handful of factors which will push you one way or the other, I strongly suggest actually trying these cameras out with your hands and eyes because that is what sold me, specs and reviews and all considered.

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thank you @karst & @baleen - really helpful - good tip on getting hands on as well

a bit more color, since I was replying on my phone before…

Sony has done a great job consistently turning out solid performing cameras. I like their image quality, features for price, and the fact that they update their cameras so often you can get older generations for quite cheap (this is true for the FF mirrorless bodies too). I don’t like their menus, their prime lens selection, or their menus (not a typo).

Fuji has gone all in on APS-C and was focused on still images devices for a long time, only recently changing their trajectory. I like their interface, jpeg processioning, dials, firmware updates , and lens selection. I don’t like how they treat ergonomics on their cheaper bodies.

the truth is that the camera industry hit almost universal sufficiency a few years back. most cameras are now “good enough” to do most things without hindering the user. the rest is just preference and budget.

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More on my background, needs etc… I took a 2 year photo program just as digital was starting to exist… I was the first student to submit any work that had been digitally manipulated. Worked in a photolab and camera shop for a few years. I wanted a Voigtlander Bessa more than anything. Then left that life behind when I opened my record store. The last year or so I’ve gotten a bit of an itch to start shooting, and phone photos don’t cut it. We’re going to Japan next month and it seems like a good reason to finally get something.

I was steered towards the Sony a6000 at a London Drugs here on my first outing. Seemed alright. Saturday I went to a proper camera shop where I talked with an old acquaintance, he echoed many of @karst’s comments about the Sony. Told him what I wanted and he showed me the X100F. Really I’ve just spent the last 2 days trying to convince myself that I should just get something else. But can’t get off it. Actually bid and lost on an x100f this morning on ebay. Probably gonna try pick up a used x100t this week though.

if it helps at all, I took just a X100T to Japan for a month and it did the job. almost all of these were just transferred to my phone at the end of each day and quickly processed, so I relied heavily on Fuji’s jpeg goodness to simplify post processing…


Maybe I can just save myself a bunch of money and show people your photos! Nice shots, they make me excited to get a camera, and get to Japan!


I second the x100t, it’s a beautifully-performing photograph machine.

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I use a Sony A7 mk ii and I love it. It’s my first camera ever though so I am no expert. I am also mainly using it for video with various vintage lenses. It was the recommendation to me by a director friend for video use and the form factor sold me on it. Everything on my vimeo was shot on my A7 mk ii or his A7 mk i https://vimeo.com/interpretnull