Misa Digital NCS-32


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At a certain point, the resolution of buttons (and the complexity that multiple modes of 32x24 bring) is such that I wonder what’s the benefit of this over a multitouch LCD screen? I guess you can use this as a standalone MIDI device, but at $1500USD, I’m not sure a touch screen wouldn’t be a better, more useful investment.

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It would be nice if OS X supported multitouch. I have a Dell 2714T but on OS X one and only one cursor is supported by the operating system. Means the monitor can only support multitouch on Windows (and possibly Linux, I haven’t checked).

I didn’t know OSX doesn’t support multitouch. That seems like an odd omission, unless they’re hoping to drive people to iPad Pros instead?

Certainly interesting but, perhaps out of ignorance, I’m wondering…cant you rig two 128s or push grids for something similar?

There are 768 RGB buttons, and it outputs MIDI, not OSC, so no, not really.

It’s a bit more like Linnstrument than monome, but still different.

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As far as OS X multitouch goes, yes I believe it was intended to drive iPad sales. There was a philosophical argument that desktop and mobile use cases called for distinct interaction design that justified two disparate operating systems. When Microsoft’s unified approach was brand new in Windows 8.0 it seemed to vindicate Apple’s position. But lately with new Surface Pros and Windows 10 it’s looking increasingly (to me) like Microsoft had the better idea.

I’m hoping Apple changes its tune and decides to add multitouch to OS X sooner or later.

OS X has supported multitouch via the NSTouch class since Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, see the Cocoa Event Handling Guide > Handling Trackpad Events documentation for more info. The multi-finger trackpad and mouse gestures likely demonstrate multitouch in-action.

That’s a really good point. So now the question is “how to convince OS X that a Dell 2714T Touch Monitor is actually a trackpad?”

I tried the UPDD driver from Touch-Base, but unfortunately it worked under Yosemite and not under El Capitan. I’ll keep an eye out for an update. http://touch-base.com/

I had sort of assumed it was just simulating mouse events. But if they release an El Cap version, I’ll check for touch events.


The Gesture software posts all received touches as OS X’s native touch events

is it just me, or is the audio either out of synch with the video image, or is there a pretty noticeable latency between when the scrolling playhead hits a note and you actually hear it?

It’s not just you. 20 characters.

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is it just me or this thing looks ugly? helluva big gloomy one

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