MIT Press Supercollider books?

I see a handful of books on supercollider published by MIT press, has anyone read these and would they recommend them?

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As far as I know, there is only one book on SuperCollider published by MIT: The SuperCollider Book, edited by Cottle, Collins, Wilson. There is Introduction to SuperCollider by Andrea Valle, though this is published by Logos Verlag (Berlin).

I would recommend the Book, esp. the first chapter and Kuivila’s chapter on Patterns (if, like me, you’re interested in event patterns). Cottle also has survey on computer music using SuperCollider as its practical framework, freely downloadable here.

I have the SuperCollider book and while it has a few chapters of introductory material, most of the book is aimed at a pretty high level. If you are into Supercollider the book will hold your interest but for a noob, you might like a more gentle introduction.

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