MIT Press Supercollider books?

I see a handful of books on supercollider published by MIT press, has anyone read these and would they recommend them?

(not sure if this is better fitted to the Open category…)

I have the SuperCollider book and while it has a few chapters of introductory material, most of the book is aimed at a pretty high level. If you are into Supercollider the book will hold your interest but for a noob, you might like a more gentle introduction.

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Maybe more for noobs?

Just happened to stumble across A Gentle Introduction To SuperCollider by Bruno Ruviaro (via DuckDuckGo). I know nothing about it, except that it contains the oxymoronic “gentle” and “supercollider” pairing in the title :joy: , and was selected as part of the free and open Digital Commons Network’s Composition Commons (which I’d never heard of and is COOL).

Interestingly, already mentioned on lines here and here, the latter with a recommendation from Disquiet.

N.B. FWIW, the direct link I provided is from Nov. 2015; the DCN Composition Commons version is dated a year earlier.

EDIT: …and I just stumbled across B. Ruviaro’s book-companion GH repo!


i have several books on supercollider dating back about 15 years including the cottle chapters. i helped david with a few of them [just testing them on my machine] there are a bunch of really cool ones in PDF form I’ll hunt some since i have some time now …sigh