Mix Bot Beta - Web Audio API / vvvv.js


I mentioned it already but I wanted to start a extra discussion here about the latest Web Audio implementation of VVVV.js
Maybe some of you patchers is interested in this topic.
The audio processing capabilities in the Browser wie Web Audio API is pretty neat.

I developed this interface for DJ mixing with advanced effects and scratching.

I would like to document a little bit the process of getting there

The waveform was produced with ‘normal’ vvvv on a desktop, using the VVVV.Audio nodes.
I also produced the CMS for constructing the HTML for the mixer with all the waveform links and stuff in VVVV.

Then I load vvvv.js in the HTML file and the patch hosting the Audio API and the interface looks liket this

I used pngs for the waveforms 4096x128 resolution. pngs are nicely scalable while jpgs gave a bad look to the scaled waveform. waveform size is under 500kb which is still quite much but i couldnt make a bigger tradeoff. The mp3s are 192kbit dual stream. So it is also a tradeoff in sound quality here.

It was a interesting exploration to go that far with those web audio stuff and i must say i am impressed that javascript can do such things.

well it runs mostly in chrome and firefox. in older safari i could not make it run i think its due to webkit has trouble supporting web audio api. so i also have trouble running it as mobile application. which is a little bit of a pitty.

Im happy to hear any input to this topic.

I think its also possible to make browser based monome application.

Can go perfectly with touch emulated monome in the browser and makeing mlr available to everyone who goes on your web page.



Very cool – didn’t know about vvvv.js – and great promo for your label/collective which I was unaware of before as well :slight_smile: