Mixes that get replayed


hola! :relaxed:
here´s another one i made 9 months ago:
00:00-02:36 “images of april” - pearls before swine
02:26-08:16 “solid air” - john martyn
08:16-10:54 “natalie” - henry mancini (me, natalie ost)
10:54-11:12 “veruschka (take 2)” - ennio morricone (veruschka ost)
11:12-13:32 “strip tease” - alain goraguer (le planète sauvage ost)
13:32-16:45 “something very special to me” - gordon lightfoot
16:45-17:47 “the hollow men” - carmine coppola (apocalypse now ost)
17:47-20:22 “osmose chant” - ariel kalma
20:22-21:58 “past+present=future” - bennie maupin
21:58-24:50 “caminata” - john mclaughlin
24:50-26:49 “red velvet wound” - swans (with jarboe)
26:49-30:13 “ancient questions” - mount eerie
30:13-35:24 “tribute” - manfred mann´s earth band
35:24-35:52 “struktur vi” - karl-heinz stockhausen
35:52-39:54 “not knowing” - minimal compact
39:54-43:05 “something big” - jim o´rourke



kirkis selects! joy division and terry riley in the same set? i feel understood.


All the mixes on this sc channel are great


“Solid Air” :black_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::sparkling_heart::heartbeat::heart:



one of my all time faves



This is a classic mix for my board game group. One of our members visited Japan and managed to track a bunch of these down on vinyl too.


A mix of a bunch of electronic tracks with a melancholy vibe. Definitely good to work to.


Me too! Plus some chars


Nina from Golden pudel, boom selekta!


This is a great mix with some beautiful @marcus_fischer at its heart.


Glochids mix, just out, but we’ve been playing it for months now…


Olof Dreijer (Oni Ayhun/The Knife) absolutely killing it in the latest Truants mix:


Edit: oops I see I posted this one already a couple of months back



already spun this twice today:


Not sure if this counts as a “mix,” so redirect me if there’s a better thread to post this in…

I made a 20+ hour Spotify playlist of “classic” minimalism. It’s sort of a counterpoint to the official Spotify curated minimalism playlist. Enjoy:


I’ve been pretty enamored with this mix Grouper made for Resident Advisor.