Mixing low end with a Subpac

Just a quick question … I know this subject has already been discussed on other forums but I prefer this one and I trust this community, that’s why I ask the question here … Does anyone use a Subpac for mixing ? Or do you have a better tip for mixing low end ? I’m not particularly making rhythmical music but bass is important and I don’t have a studio with subwoofer, acoustic treatment etc. (I use Event Opal monitors) Well, if you have tried this Subpac, I would really like to have your opinion. Thanks :slight_smile:

I got one in a funny trade once and then sold it. I never planned on using it so I never gave it a real shot. That being said, it seemed kinda clunky and designed specifically for beat oriented music. I don’t think there is any real sound clarity that would be useful for mixing. On the other hand, I would imagine that it could be very inspiring and fun to make beats with or to make compositional decisions…maybe.

My opinion about mixing low end in your case is to get really nice headphones that reproduce low end well. I don’t have a lot of experience with different models, but (in that same trade) I got Ultrasone Pro 900 and they are crazy good. They are also crazy expensive though.

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Thank you for your reply ! I also wonder about the precision of this equipment. My style of music is more Alva Noto and Stefan Betke (Pole) than beat music actually. I’m amazed by the work made on the bass. I own headphones like the Hd650, K702 and DT 770 and 990, but when it comes to mixing bass with headphones, I know it can lead to errors of judgment. Well, now I know my 702 pretty well… But I should try the Ultrasone :slight_smile:

I sold my monitor speaker to buy Ultrasone since i start making music out side and yes it sounds great.:slight_smile: