I’ve had issues like this that I’ve traced back to mains electricity issues. Is there a difference if you unplug the macbook, or use a different mains plug? Also try a different plug with your modular and macbook (if recording is the issue).


Yeah, it’s strange - I wondered that too and actually disconnected my MBP from power completely, to no change :frowning: The MixPre-3 gets its power from the MBP via USB-C, I should add. Will keep testing…


Can the MixPre-3 run off mains power and connect to the computer at the same time? The USB bus power might be the noise source.


Good catch! Sadly, no - I don’t think the MixPre-3 can be set up that way :frowning: Honestly, it was never a great solution as an interface, seeing as it has no balanced outs or combo jacks for the inputs.


Just got my master back from Chihei and have to admit that he’ve done an absolutely amazing job. I would really recommend his services to anyone here making (experimental) electronic music. He really took my mixes to another level and it was not expensive at all (given all the analogue and digital gear he used). Top class.



I’d be interested in hearing some before and after samples from people doing that type of mastering work (Taylor Deupree, Chihei Hatakeyama, etc.). I know everyone’s music is different and not recorded the same way but it would be useful to directly hear what the mastering process from these people does to the music…


if you have an album ready for mastering and want to get a sample from me, i’ll always provide that for potential clients, at not charge and no obligation from you.

most ME’s offer this service… an artist/mastering engineer relationship is an important one… and if you’ve spent months, or more, of your sweat and soul making an album, you want the right fit from an engineer for your music. maybe it’s me, maybe it’s someone else, but a sample of YOUR music is the best way for you to make that decision.

feel free to get in touch:


:slight_smile: one of the cool things
about lines!
this is it…
if you got something going, and think @taylor12k would do it good,
hit him up
one of the 'best in the business


I am looking for some recommendations for someone that does mastering. I am in an band that plays electronic disco ish songs and some slow jams…all pretty spacey sounding. We are looking to have out latest song we recorded(a slower one) master so it can sound great when we have out music video all finished up. Does anyone have any recommendations on someone that does mastering and is not in the loudness wars? Please let me know.

for reference


I can’t pass up an opportunity to recommend Gregg at Heremetech Mastering. He’s easy to work with, has an ear for electronic music, and def not a loudness warrior.



Lines member Taylor Deupree (@taylor12k) does mastering (in addition to great music) and if I had something worth getting properly mastered he’d be my first choice…



thanks @oscillateur and @bendu i will check them out.


I’ve been reading through this thread for the past week or two and much perspective has been gained.
Thank y’all for contributing.

Recently I downloaded Foobar as my new music library software and listening to different styles of music while looking at the built in spectrum analyzer has given me a lot to think about. Seeing what frequencies are how loud from song to song is enlightening when thinking about how I want my own music to sound.


ck the guitar solo at 1:28
same line
clean in the left channel
'blitzed out in the right :slight_smile:


This is a great hour with mastering engineer Mandy Parnell. She talks about all kinds of things beyond strictly mastering and echoes @taylor12k 's comments above about the importance of the artist/mastering engineer relationship.

Quite impressed by the audience questions at the end as well - a minimum of speeches disguised as questions. :slight_smile: