Mlr 2.56, monomebridge, and tilt?

hey there, it’s been a minute.

i recently got a grayscale 64 monome off ebay to use with mlr 2.56 as a volume control/tilt effects. i was doing this before up until 2012 when i sold my walnut 64. back then, i was using monomeserial on a windows laptop and i was able to use the 64 for tilt effects.

when i got my greyscale in the mail i set it up with monomebridge and everything works however the 64 isn’t sending tilt information, which was the main reason why i got it. i’ve been using monomebridge without problem since 2012.

i tested the 64 on the “monome home” app and the 64 is able to send tilt info (however only x and y axis, no z)

is there a way around this? i would try to use monomeserial however it keeps freezing before i can select the monome to use.

osx yosemite 10. 10. 2
mlr 2.56
max runtime 7


grayscale devices only have a two-axis tilt sensor – just X and Y. see this comment from @Galapagoose on the old forum:

and the page from monome listing all the differences between editions:

as the hardware lacks the 3-axis sensor, using monomeserial won’t help, and it’s deprecated in any case. stick with serialosc; avoid monomebridge if you can.