MLR in a eurorack module

Not sure if it’s been discussed but it just strikes me that this could be a great addition to the monome ecosystem to have one of the most popular app in a eurorack module especially after all the frustration that the multitude version issues carried with it… What do you say? :slight_smile:


It’s the thing we all dream of.


it is early days for the orthogonal devices er-301, but maybe that will do quite a few things that you are looking for. not cheap, but very capable.
i am dreaming of TT+ansible+grid+er-301 being an MLR killer.


Yep. Brian from orthogonal already said that it would be virtually doable as a future enhancement of the ER 301. That would be totally crazy.

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it would be a great combo

there is some related discussion in ER-301 Sound Computer and What about: an audio mangling monome module

ER-301 looks great, sadly i missed the first batch while trying to sell other modules to fund it. hopefully will get one from the next batch.

thinking about how you’d integrate TT with ER-301 the most obvious would be to have additional mod sources that would be controlled by TT remote commands, basically eliminating the need for patching. not sure about deeper integration, since you can have completely different chains set up so something like II ER.PLAYSAMPLE 1 might not even make sense if you don’t have a sample player in your chain.

also, it doesn’t have to be TT, i think a custom firmware for white whale or ansible could be created that could be designed to control a chain created specifically for this purpose. so, basically you’d load up some “MLR” scene on ER-301, connect ansible outs to ER ins and use a grid/arc to control it.


I have ambitions of developing mash (mlr variant) in a hardware form using an FPGA sometime in the future. I’ve got an Idea of how I’d accomplish it. Need to find the time.


I loved mash!!
Do it!!! Please!!!


ER-301 + modifying earthsea (removing shapes) and having 4 x cv pattern recorders would be something similar to MLR.

Mash was great. I’ve been hoping for something like this for the monome eurorack series too…integration of guitar into isms through a module of this sort would be amazing…here’s hoping…

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Definitely interested in getting back to some process as close to MLR as possible, within a module preferably. It was my creative life blood for a while there and I miss it dearly. :weary:

i’m definitely planning on the ER-301 for this - once I unload some modules to buy one from the next batch

in the meantime i’m actually getting mlr-ish functionality with my Mungo g0. today’s plan (after a bit of firmware updating) is to rack up my g0 and s0 together for effectively 3 tracks of sample mangling

will try and post a quick video if i pull that off

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