Mlr (norns)

@zebra didn’t mean to, sorry mate, sorted it now!
don’t need more than 45 sec per track, but how can I record 45 secs per track?
@tehn any thoughts? thanks (no emoticon)

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indeed, it was my plan to have the tracks alternate buffers and hence double their length. most dev time has been focussed on the core, i need to prioritize this script— and this issue is a good start @swhic — i’d already made an issue back in april

@zebra this is a general device question, but you know i love softcut and would be happy to give it more memory (50% would be fine by me) but we can discuss this further…


my current workaround to get longer buffer lengths is to set all my tracks to follow tempo, then turn the tempo down all the way, then set the speed of a voice an octave or two lower and record with it there. it still gives me some room to pitch things down enough for my needs. the audio quality drops slightly, but i don’t mind :slight_smile:



well, AFAIK, here is where grid presses are used to set loop endpoints:

so… each space on the grid is hardcoded to 1 second at rate =1, is that right?

seems like a scaling factor for mapping grid location ->time, would be a really useful parameter and not too hard to add. (well… eh… i guess it would get a little complicated scaling the phase update as well. maybe just limited to integers)

and (also AFAIK, haven’t really tried) it seems like a workaround would be loading a longer clip, assigning track to clip, and enabling record on the track.

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thanks, yes I’ve tried that and works most times, depending on the loaded clip length. I guess if the loaded clip is longer than 45sec it occupies the next track or something I don’t quite understand…

hm, it shouldn’t do that.

looking at MLR commits, i see this one on april 22

before which, it looks like it would not crop to the clip region boundaries when loading a file. (which could be an interesting behavior too, but w/e.)

have you updated to the latest version?

i do use a non varibright grayscale 128 with norns mlr. i haven’t adjusted code or anything, just a small piece of tape to signify the reverse column. it works perfectly for me. for me, mlr feels incredibly intuitive and fun to play even with the non varibright grid.

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Not sure if it had been mentioned by anyone else yet, but I have been wishing that there was a way to MIDI map the record button to control with a MIDI controller like the Faderfox UC4. That way we could maybe have a momentary button press quickly engage and disengage recording, or a footswitch to sort of punch in and out. I suppose this stems from a desire I have to engage or disengage recording while I’m on the cut page.

Slightly related to this - it’d be great to somehow have control of the overdub level of a given track from the cut page… but I guess that’s already possible with a MIDI controller, no? This could serve as a workaround for the record button… just engage record and then modulate between the lowest and highest overdub value, is that correct? Is that how overdub works, or would it be a different result due to the way that softcut works?

Okay one more wish. Tap tempo… maybe even one that starts the clock!? Either way, I am searching for a fun and natural method to simply get things rolling. Maybe I’m asking for a few more traditional looper like features, but at least they’d be optional. It’s been a nice change from my usual approach using MLR in this current form, but also a bit of a challenge for me to make something more structured, especially without having the record button quantize optionally. With that said, thanks everyone for your hard work. I hope that my feedback helps somehow!


I have been having an odd issue where the okay button does seem to begin the play head. I thought this was possibly because of the grid.

Anyone have midi sync working with mlr? Trying to send clock into oplab’s host in port with no luck.

I’d like to know when that’s working! Would be very nice.

Agreed. Would love to sync this up with some other instruments for live looping


I’ve sync’d up my octatrack with it. Currently Norns has to be the master clock for sync

your midi device where you want to send clock would need to be in DEVICES>MIDI slot number one on norns.

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thank you! i did not even consider that i’d need to set up a midi device for sync.

so just to be clear - mlr always wants the sync device to be in slot one?

Yes it works ok in that way…What I did is that I loaded the same clip on 2 tracks. What happens is that when record to one track it records to the other as well…!?

(i should put, again, the caveat that i’m not the MLR author. i don’t even use it really!)

my understanding is, that’s intended functionality.

an MLR “clip” is a region in the softcut buffer.
by loading a soundfile to a clip, you copy over that buffer region.
by assigning a track to a clip, you allow it to read and write in that region.
multiple tracks can affect the same part of the buffer. this can get weird.

if you want two tracks to intially use the same soundfile data, but then independently record over it or whatever, then load the same file into two different clips.


the midi.connect() function defaults to Device #1 - so yes, unless you have changed that in the script, the sync device will be in slot one.

weird = major feature

(softcut is rad!)


my favorite feature!!