Mlr (norns)

no rush! Am exited to get it 100% perfect(it is close to being just that). I think it is highly admirable that the norns mlr is such an amazing improvement to earlier iterations of the software.

On other notes, I think I finally got recall functioning on line 8 on my 64. Recall functions differently than patterns, right @tehn ? It is more of a momentary change, not a recorded segment of changes?

Is there anyone else in the community still using (non-varibright)64s with norns? If so I’ll post the script + documentation once it’s done. Should this be within the mlr folder in dust, or a separate folder?

Can anyone confirm that clip saving is working in this current build? I have some buffers filled right now that I’d love to save but it doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment. When I use encoder 2 to change the value to save and press button 2 or 3 it just stops the clip. It doesn’t give me the option to save.

i don’t understand the save function. is there a way to save a set of clips as a sort of preset and be able to recall them? what can you save? also, is it possible to change what clip is playing in the clip page slot / track without stopping ?

new norns 2.0 mlr is already so amazing. i just updated and lost myself in a long ambient jam for a few hours. i pushed it super hard ( recorded at different speeds on all 6 tracks with tons of overdubbing and reverb on ins ans outs ) and everything sounded so good and crystal clear. truly my favorite sampler. thank’s to everyone involved. can’t wait to take my norns, ipad, volca and a portable speaker for a jam by the lake.


Hey @tehn re-watching your mlr video again, what’s the trick with getting those nice little glides on the speed changes? Love that sound

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Regarding pset saving with file loading, the last I heard was this Norns: mlr

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WIP, does this make sense?

When I’m done and the playhead issues have been solved I need to see if I can find a good use for the 5 remaining buttons next to the recall buttons. FX control or maybe a mixer?

Also, since I am using a non varibright I decided so that on ly the left focus button lights up when the track is focused, the right focus button light up when tempo mapping is assigned to that track. Will shoot a demo once everything is running as intended. This script just made me fall in love with the good ol walnut 64 all over again.


What I was asking about is saving a recorded clip from the clip page. Maybe I was dreaming but I swear it had worked for me at one point. Instead of using the load option you select save. It allows you to save clips you’ve recorded so you can load them in later rather than losing the buffer when you put Norns to sleep.

***What I did before that was just record the audio into Ableton to save and export for later use but it’s super useful to be able to do it on the go. Am glad to see that it should be coming back per Zebras reply below

buffer-save functionality was available in old-softcut. it wasn’t available in new-softcut during most of the 2.0 beta but it is now. still working out some possible kinks ( but it should basically work now. mlr may need minor update to bring the feature back into UI.


@tehn do you think the playhead issue is in the mlr script? If so, in what part of the script? Would love to help and try and figure this out.

I will be working on mlr this weekend. the issue list is long, but should be able to fix everything.


I find the recording process a bit cumbersome when overdub is set 0 it’s pretty hard or nearly impossible to see where to punch in / punch out where in the second page.

Would an improvement be to have the recording feature as part of the trigger page? like a record button / track combo for example?

So let’s say having a record button on the far left/top corner that you’d push in addition to any of the trigger on a particular track would be sick so you could control precisely where to start the recording.

Good idea?


I went in and changed my script to the suggestion above and it fixed it for me

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@tehn I noticed that when I mapped all of the rec parameters to midi cc, only the speed mod seems to update on the rec display page when I adjust the midi cc ( i’ve mapped them to the 16n’s faders). All of the parameters seem to function correctly for volume, rec level and overdub, they just do not update on my display when changed. Curiously, after the speed is changed, all values display the correct updated numbers.
Have you seen this issue? not sure if I am seeing a problem with my 16n or just an update bug (i’ve not tried to map another midi controller to those parameters yet).

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it is surely just a refresh triggering issue in the lua script, more of param:actions should trigger redraw()

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This might be totally basic, but:

How do you select how long your recording buffer is ? Are all tracks buffers the same set lengths, or can you change this somehow?

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Have been wondering the same thing. Seems like none of the quantization params have any effect. It feels like it’s always one measure of whatever the bpm is?

ok. i’ve identified the play position tracking bug. working on it.

rate slew. adding the param now

it’s broken!

more generally, i’ve started logging issues on github so i can keep track.

a huge, huge help would be for me to do a massive documentation update, and a tutorial video. thank you for your patience while we work on all fronts of this huge project!


I can help with documentation(although some of it will be based on understanding, but I have all features working on my 64 adaptation). If you can send me the illustrator file for the 128 drawing I can update that. And can of course make a 64 tutorial video ;).

Would it be useful to do some mock-up UIs for what the screens/pages of MLR could be?
Or is that way too ‘pie in the sky’ to be useful . :smiley:

this was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had using mlr.