MLR not working - rookie user

Hello! I recieved my 256 today and i’m trying out a few apps. Basically all of them work perfectly, but mlr won’t react to my button presses, although some kind of box in the low-right corner indicates that mlr does recognize it. I’ve also tried flin, press café and polygome and they run without problems…

Runnig a late 2013 macbook pro runnig osx 10.9.5 and max 7.0.4

and yes i’m a tiny baby in this field so there might be a very simple explanation 2 this :smile:

any help is appreciated

thank U !

There’s a bunch of versions of mlr. Which one are you using? Try a few to see if they work…

i downloaded it from here

out here looking for other versions/links to other versions

can’t find any, but i’ll keep looking

Hello. Try MAX downgrade (to Max Runtime 6.0.8 or 5.0.8) > Then download this version of MLR (179.3 KB) (I’m not sure if it’s official, but my latest and well-tested version).

Okay, one more thing… load samples/loops in rows and then click here:

Good luck!

try here-

mlr_cyst was my favorite for 256.