MLR/Party Van Slicing Vs Octatrack

Can anyone help me figure out if there is a monome app(MRL, Party Van etc.) that is a suitable replacement for the Octatrack with regards to beat slicing? Specifically, I’m talking about a feature set like:

1)Slicing waveforms up on beat
2)Sequencing those slices to mix things up
3)Fucking up the slices via some kind of DSP(timestretch, pitch, whatever)
4)Syncing the clock to more interesting divisions than just straight 1/16th notes
5)Different pattern lengths


They don’t do the other things you need, but the ‘slicer’ modules in Cut Glove and Block Party (a TPV 1.5-ish app that’s beta’d in the TPV thread) do onset-based slicing where it will jump to where a beat was detected. You can’t jump around ‘manually’, or sequence the jumps (beyond setting the ‘rate’ parameter for automatic jumping), but it might be somewhat useful.


Those apps look fantastic but yeah, they appear to be more performance oriented than what I am looking for here. I guess I could just achieve my end goal by combining something like Mark Eats Sequencer with Kontakt(to handle the slicing and sample manipulation).