MLR Pitch Lock

Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

I’ve recently been trying to create a full live setup using just a single monome 256, similar to Daedelus’ style.

However, my vision for how this would work requires a pitch lock/ keylock, so that samples do not change in pitch with bpm.
Has anyone successfully implemented this into MLR or MLRV?
I’ve heard good things about re:mix too, and if it is capable of this I may be looking at buying M4L.

Thanks for the help

to my knowledge, there’s no version of mlr that does this.

as a workaround, i usually pitch and speed clips beforehand such that they tune to each other regardless of playback tempo—a sort of combined key, if you will. as an example, if my home key is c ionian at 120bpm, i would set something in c# to 127.2bpm and something in b to 112.8bpm.

here is a cheat-sheet that you might find helpful.


Thanks for that cheat-sheet,
that’s a great solution.

How do you go about changing tempos when you play?

glad to help!

with that tuning system it just works—no matter how you change the tempo in playback, all the loops remain tuned to each other.

btw, just in terms of general use, any of the the versions you mentioned above are great—re:mix was my personal weapon of choice before norns.

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I was just thinking that changing tempos might cause some comical pitch sliding, even though all the loops will stay in tune with one another!

How does your norns setup behave?

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oh, gotcha.

it can actually sound really great in practice assuming you do it as a build/fall and take it slow—really play it out as an artistic element. alternatively, use rhythmic passages as transition sections.

norns is the most excellent, but be warned that the onboard version of mlr is very different—it’s much more suited to live sampling than it is to playback at the moment.


Quick Q: When you shifted songs by pitch and/or tempo, what software/method did you use to do that?

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complex and pro warp-modes will take care of pretty much everything—just adjust project bpm and clip transpose from there.

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Awesome. Does re:mix have the ability to use warp modes for loops since it’s already inside Ableton?

nope—it’s got lots of other cool features though, so i recommend checking it out

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Thanks for all the help! Are there any videos out there of your performances? I’d like to see

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sure homie—i’m mostly at it for fun these days, but i’m pm you something old

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