MLR working in 2017?

Hi everybody!

i have a 128 monome walnut, working with my macbook (Sierra) and Live 10. I had a look online but i can’t get a real/clear information…

i’d like to use re:mix or a MLR version on max4live, but i can’t get anything to work…
same for MLRV2, it’s asking for Java6 but can’t make it work…

am i missing something ?
thank you

I use re:mix with live 9 without issues. In live 10 will the patches fail to load altogether? Maybe describe how yiu have it set up?

thanks a lot shellfritsch!

i can’t load the device in L10, Live crashes while a pop up window appears asking for a Java 6 to be installed… i have Java 9 on my computer…

I use re:mix with Live 10 (and a brand new 128). Works fine. Only problem I’m experiencing is that if I unplug my grid the app won’t recognise it when I plug it back in. I had the same problem with Live 9.

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mmmm… interesting… why is live 10 crashing on my computer then…
is there a need to install some driver ?

Hm, idk, seems weird! You’re not running the beta or anything? And you got your tracks set up the right way with the different groups on the different tracks and all?

ok it’s all good now! actually a java driver was missing, that’s why it was crashing. Now it’s fixed!
sorry for the hassle and thanks for your help guys!