an extended version of mlr.

mlre is an extended version of @tehn’s mlr. New features and functionality were added with performative aspects in mind, trying to optimize grid and UI interaction but keeping it as simple and as close to the original as possible. mlre started off as my first steps to learn to code. over the past year I learnt a lot and gradually more features were added, experimented with, removed, tested and adapted. the motivation behind this, was to tailor one of my favourite scripts to my needs and I hope the feature-set that has been added will bring joy to many mlr users.

a special thanks to @tehn for creating mlr and letting me work on this and @zebra for softcut and some very helpful pointers. also a great thank you to @dan_derks, @infinitedigits and @justmat for your inspiration, support and very helpful lines of code! also a great thanks to the mlre-beta-testing-crew, for all your inputs and bug-reports. :heart:

There’s an extensive documentation linked below. however, if anything is unclear let me know.


  • clean up code / bugfixes? let me know!
  • arc support (done)
  • trigger output for crow and midi (done)
  • alternative playback modes (done)


Extended control

  • arc
  • midi controller
  • midi device (for track to trigger)
  • crow [v3] (for track to trigger)


The user manual can be downloaded here as PDF. You will have a the latest copy on your norns too, once the script is installed or updated. SMB to dust/code/mlre/docs to access.


Version 1.3.4

inital release

Version 1.3.5


  • tempo changes are now registered via clock.tempo_change_handler()
  • added parameter IDs for groups and separators
  • changed binary params from momentary to trigger – thanks @andrew


  • randomize can now be midi mapped under focused track control and individual track control
  • auto-randomization renamed to randomize @ oneshot rec
  • randomize @ step count – randomizes selected tracks after a specified number of steps
  • Q key pulses on the downbeat when quantization is active (4/4 time signature)
  • internal clock is reset at track play after STOPALL has been pressed
  • play mode as new track parameter: select between loop, oneshot and hold to change the playback behaviour. please note that hold does not work well with fast consecutive key presses
  • added pset delete callback function. and my_pset.wav files are automatically deleted when my_pset is deleted.
Version 1.3.6


  • changed how playback is handled. Now softcut constantly plays in the background and start/stop are handled with mute flags and softcut.query_position(i) to track the position of the play heads. This replaces the previous clickless playback implementation.

  • general code cleanup. Changed a lot of variables for easier reading.


  • added failstate by @dan_derks to notify users if their norns version is incompatible with the script requirements (nice one dan, this is something I’ll add to all future scripts).

  • Q key now flashes on the beat and downbeat when quantize is active (thanks @zentrumsounds for the suggestion).

  • track to trigger functionality (thanks to @mlogger for this great idea). Requires MIDI device and/or crow running v3.

  • arc control for playback, loops, levels and lfos. Requires an arc4

  • added “start all” and “stop all” to global track control.


install via maiden:


or download via GitHub:


Yes! The official release. Thank you :pray:t3:


Holy cannoli, this is an absolutely massive release! Tape warble! Global scale transposition! LFO’s! I haven’t even read all the documentation and I’m blown away! I’m excited to read more and give it a shot!

I’ll be back with extra questions I’m sure!


20 characters of an audible wow in the first 30sec of the video. This is an instant install. Bravo


Has Xmas come early?! This, and paracosm within 24hours of each other!


This is incredible. Love the addition of the the track looping control on row 8! Been thinking about that for a while now.


Alright! Basically everything I could want has been added and the documentation is fantastic! I’m really excited to test out the pattern recorders and see how their being built around system clock effects the tightness of performance inputs when altering parameters that hadn’t been previously recorded. If that makes sense. (Early morning)

I was wondering; how altered are parameter names and such? I adored the arc implementation of mlr made by @NiklasKramer, found here: mlr (norns) - #716 by NiklasKramer

Would this code theoretically be able to be easily migrated over?


this looks awesome! congrats on the release :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Congrats on the release!


Had to jump into the office with a cup of coffee to install and play. Well done!


Sweet! Can’t wait for my black Norns to come and install this straight away :ok_hand:


Amazing work on this, @sonoCircuit! And congrats on being featured on CDM!


This looks incredible


So, I have zero programming experience, but was able to get, maybe 50% of the arc stuff implemented in to this version. It seems that the clock and redraw are broken (and one or two speed functions) due to the way this script uses the new metro/clock api.

I don’t know what anybody might do with this, but if any arc owners feel like poking around for fun, here it is: (1.2 KB)
mlre.lua (85.9 KB)
MLRE_USER GUIDE 1.3.4.pdf (570.7 KB)
hnds_mlre.lua (3.8 KB)


So glad to see this reach an official release, job well done!


Woah, how very lovely this is. Thank you!


Absolutely immense! Thank you for all your hard work :raised_hands:


ahHhhHHH what an absolute gift — thank you for this generous and attuned extension! mlr’s always held an endlessly exciting energy, and it is so so rad + meaningful to have it brought to new levels with such obvious love.

it’s really remarkable to have watched you map deep care and artistry over so many months to iterating this special instrument — your commitment to learning a whole new set of skills, toward a project you wanted to see exist, is so exciting and inspiring. what a beautiful artifact of curiosity made concrete. :black_heart::sparkles:


Amazing work - this really does expand mlr in so many interesting ways. Thank you!


This looks amazing. Clip View in particular, but the whole thing has stuff I’ve always wished for in mlr and so much more I’ve never dreamed of.

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