Mlrv 2.6 bugs

hi there,

i was planning to use mlrv, latest 2.6 version downloaded from github, during a gig last saturday. ran the patch in latest max7 runtime on a macbook pro with yosemite. because of a few bugs i ended up using elquinto’s lovely remix version for m4l.

the general functionality of mlrv works perfectly. what doesn’t work for me, though, was the save and reload of presets. i would prepare a set of samples that i had already cut/looped perfectly outside of mlrv. as mlrv did not detect the loop tempo, i’d have to adjust speed per loop back to “1”.

when i would then save the preset, close mlrv, reopen, and then load the saved preset, i had two main bugs occur:
a) speed of samples would be recalculated again and not stay at “1” like i’ve saved it before
b) occasionally, samples would be reassigned to different rows from before, although mlrv still showed them as correctly assigned. very confusing.
c) when trying to compile a setlist, i sometimes had the effect after saving a preset a couple of times during editint, that the drop-down in the setlist showed that preset multiple times

especially bug b lead me to move away from mlrv and use remix instead for this gig. as i’d love to use mlrv more going forward, i’d love to hear if anyone experience similar problems with the latest mlrv 2.6? i’ve also tried the latest standalone mlrv2.5, but also there i could not consistently load presets.


I’m using 2.5 with in max5 runtime. Works fine. However, once I did run in to a problem B when I used an older preset created with an older version of mlrv. My suggestion is that you rebuild your set.

I’ve got a feeling that bugs should be reported on github, but I’m not sure…

Does anyone else have problems loading presets with mlrv. I have the latest version I believe however, it crashes occasionally and doest load any preset I try to organise?

Which version of Max are you using?
I think mlrv was written in Max 5 and works best within a Max5 runtime.

max 6 im using…okay ill give that ago