MLRV crashes when rewired with ableton


I am new to the monome thing. I have a 256 grid.

I want to use MLRV (the most recent version), but it crashes almost every time i try to run it in max 7.

edit: now my problem is, that it crashes every time i press play in ableton when in rewire mode.

I run osx 10.10.4 / ableton 9.2.1

the latest version (2.6.1) is available for download on github:

Thanks! I have downloaded it, but it says 2,3 when i open it?

This version with max 7.05 crashes every time i press play in ableton 32bit when in rewire mode :frowning:

  • i cant use max version 5.19 because it wont recognize my 256…

Wow, this is great! Thanks so much!

MLRV doesn’t work for me either, don’t know if it’s still even developed anymore. you may instead want to give re:mix a try.

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newest release should work with max 7 very well. are you using the most recent version?

@galapagoose will have something to say re: rewire

in the end i got it to work fine with max 7, but rewire kept crashing!

Wow, this is great! Thanks so much!

@tehn hmmm…well…so we pretend i did not say anything here…because indeed it now does work perfectly for me too. latency issue to tweak, it was.

Hi there!

Did you can fix it the bug?
I’m here with the same problem.
The app works fine in Max7, but when I try to rewire for ableton it stopped every time.

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