Mlrv on eurorack

wandering if there’s something in eurorack format that can “simulate” the function of a single channel of mlrv for piano loops
looking for something with cv control over loop length, start point, reverse maybe

i think the closest is er-301 but it’s a bit pricey
maybe 1010 bitbox?

Ignore me, misread something.

Ok, this has intrigued me. As a huge fan of mlrv it would be great to have similar in euroland.

These seem to hit similar territory.

Without exception, though, these modules will lack a key feature of mlrv for me… Realtime hands-on playing of the slices. Without the grid it is going to be difficult to realise.

Edit: I have a novation Circuit. Perhaps using CV.ocd or other midi->CV device the notes in circuit’s sequencer could be used to trigger sampled audio in something like tiptop audio one.

thanks so much
didn’t know the ADDAC one

and forgot to mention something
i’ll control everithing with ansible+grid and teetype

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Without exception, though, these modules will lack a key feature of mlrv for me… Realtime hands-on playing of the slices. Without the grid it is going to be difficult to realise.

Long time ago somebody floated the idea to write alt firmware for one of the trilogy modules but I dont think any progress was made past the initial idea/concept

Well… I guess this would be an obvious candidate:

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for now the closest is this video at 1:43

but i’ll keep digging

er-301 for now i’ll try to avoid for the cost :frowning:

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I’ve never used mlrv but from what you’re writing it sounds like the Addac plus some sort of touchplate module would get you the sort of thing you want. Not exactly the same experience as a grid, but it would keep everything within the Eurorack realm.

for reference…re-reading the old thread to see what’s changed in this landscape

I can report that white whale + Er-301 works great for this.

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it wouldn’t be quite the same as mlrv or the WW / 301 combo, but you could do a version of it with the morphagene as well by sending a ramping cv on one channel of WW into the “slide” input.

I’ve achieved something pretty close to mlr using the Ginko Sampleslicer together with the White Whale. Basically you could use any sampler-module that allow for cv-modulation of the start point and hook it up to a 16-step sequencer, but still you would need to adjust the 16 start points manually. Only the Sampleslicer automatically slices the audio into equal parts (you can even choose the number of slices, play length and sample length) and gives you the mlr-typical play-through feeling. And it runs with live audio input, meaning you sample the input and access the slices instantly.

I did this two years ago with exactly the same aim as you - today I would get the Owl and let mlr/pd run on it.

Is it available anywhere? Nice to know there’s an alternative to ER-301 (which can do the same things you described).

Has anyone tried this yet?

there is already a sampler/looper available in the patch-library. Map the cv-input to the sample position in the buffer and scale the cv-input so that 0.083v equals a 16th of the buffer length (scale 0. 1.33 -> 0 [buffer length in ms]). Set the white whale or whatever monome-driven sequencer to chromatic and with each half note you will play a different slice of the sample… at least in theory this feels pretty straight forward.

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Certainly. I thought you meant using the actual mlr app.

The mlr apps I know all rely on Monomeserial, and I am quite sure that you won’t get a Grid running under Monomeserial plugged into an Owl. But considering that all mlrv-channels share the same clock and that the Owl is offering 5 cv ins and 1mb of memory, you could build a 4channel mlrv-clone and control each with a different channel from the white whale.

The more I am writing about, the more I am feeling to give it a try


Somebody really ought to do something about that…

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