Mlrv sync with modular

I’ve been interested in exploring sampling of my modular with mlrv similar to @tehn’s performance.

Recommendations on how would one go about configuring the routing for both audio and tempo sync?

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there is no tempo sync here. mlrv is free-running, continually resampling pitched up on all channels. the audio out from the modular is played-thru on the soundcard, the mlrv output mixed into it-- as a sort of echo/repeater effect.

getting sync would be tricky without extra hardware.


Perhaps it would be possible to use one of the mlrv tracks as a clock source? i.e. make a steady pulse and have that looped in mlrv, then send it out through a separate track output from the rest of your mlrv audio and into your modular as a clock source… everything you do in mlrv should then be quantised with any clocked output from your modular… does that make sense? I’ll give this a try later and post a vid link if i get it working.

Just tried it and it seems to work fine. Let me know if that helps.
demo video below… (sorry for crap AV quality) :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about this, too.
I thought sending midi sync from mlrv to CVpal would work but it does not. The reason is probably that mlrv is sending the clock to the wrong channel. CVpal needs channels 12-14. Unfortunately I’m no good in max. Is there a way to send the clock to a specific midi channel?

Can you use a external programme like midi pipe to change the MIDI channel coming out of ‘from Max’ into the CV pal??

that might be good to make sure it worked, and then I am sure someone could help you alter the MIDI channel from MLRV, I use a modded meadowphysics to spit out 4x gates to CVPAL. and I had to do a bit of tweaking to get meadowphysics to send the right notes out on the right channel for CVPAL.