MLRV Woes. Problems opening post Sierra

Anyone else having issues launching mlrv after updating to Sierra? Curious if there’s a work-around. I was able to open it prior to the update, but now it just freezes Max. Other programs are working fine though.


It’s a pretty old problem, and I do not believe anybody is currently working on it.

i run mlrv2.3004 under max 5 runtime in the newest mac os with no problems.

and as jason said, this patch is quite old and various OS/version problems have been introduced over the years, so it will indeed take testing many combinations to find something that will work. be sure to check out re:mix which is mlr in m4l


+100 for re:mix. 20 characters.

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Another +100 for re:mix.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the input! I’m currently on my second hour with re:mix – +100 :wink:


@tehn: could you please point at a source for mlrv 2.3004? the oldest on github seems to be v2.5. thanks!

2.3 d/ls 2.3002, and 2.4 is also available there which i’d say is an even better bet?!


thank you, kind sir.
no idea why i didn’t look there first…
I will give this a spin later today.

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