MLRv2 guides

Hello, can someone please point me to a direction i could find a proper guide on using the MLRv2? I set it up fine, and i can do basic things with it, but i there are too many things i can not explain and it spoils the fun. There must be a good guide, right?

Pdf is up on github.

Thank you! In the meantime, can you please explain how should i look for such information in the future, so next time i don’t have to waste others time. the zipfile pointed had no such info (this: ). i have no clue how to use github, but i tried its search, and there were many hits, one of them was version 2.2 and it had the docs you linked. is this how i should proceed next time?

To be honest I’m not really sure how github works either! I just ran a search for mlrv 2 documentation. is generally the place for info on applications and hardware. But you are correct, the link for mlrv points to the one you posted.