Mm.. Food (What are you eating?)


@tehn - I’m located in Chicago. Cider has been gaining popularity and is feeding a market wanting better quality and more variety. Win.

That farm sounds absolutely amazing!
A lovely, cider friendly terroir.
I have a nephew-in-law that’s from NY State, last time he was there he brought me back one of the black diamond ciders (finger lakes area) that was outstanding.


My partner has tried a couple of times, but unfortunately we don’t have the space to get big-enough pots, or a good spot outside to put a planter box, so it hasn’t grown very big

@dennisflax any interest in sharing your gumbo recipe (or a similar one that’s a good starting point)?

@mzero that sounds delicious, and makes me wonder, have we as a species figured out why some things taste better the next day?

Another one I’ve been making a lot is this red lentil soup (indeed, New York Times!). If you have an immersion blender, it’s really easy to make, and goes especially well with a Turkish flatbread (something like this, though I’ve never considered baking it myself because it’s abundant and cheap to buy in Berlin)


Combining things and processing things and achieving harmony and a kind of storytelling - isn’t cooking a natural fit for musicians and composers? ;] In winter I love making a particular salad out of roasted cauliflower (broken up in small pieces + olive oil, salt, black pepper), roasted then chopped hazelnuts, pieces of celery, lots of parsley, seeds of half pomegranate, maple syrup + sherry vinegar (or balsamico, or simply lemon) + olive oil + cinnamon + allspice dressing. Found the recipe in the only cookbook I’ve ever bought, and then bought again as a gift to someone else in my family (“Jerusalem”). I find cooking most meditative, with the added benefit of knowing what you’re eating afterwards.


Indeed a good fit :slight_smile:

That book is fantastic (though occasionally a bit overcomplicated). I almost mentioned in the previous post, I’m a huge fan of the chicken and cardamom rice recipe in there, but felt like the post was maybe already too long.


Oh, this whole thread is amazing.

I’m a vegetarian currently exploring veganism, and I love throwing things together. I have three kids that are pretty fussy, but have loved The Very Veggie Family CookBook, and most of the recipies have vegan alternatives if they include dairy. The Masala in the book is out of this world.

I’m off the alchomahol at the moment due to the anti-d’s I’m on, but also love small production ciders and ales. I live a short walk through the woods from a lovely pub that hasn’t changed since the 60’s and serves amazing small batch beers and ales.


That sounds amazing. I’d love to get into cider making, but haven’t managed to find time to get a good source of apples. I settle for brewing beer.


goat cheese tacos, like you like

ps, anything in a tortilla is a 'taco
('taco de mantequilla, taco de frijol, taco de birria)


Off and on vegan here as well. Can recommend the vegan stoner cookbook (you don’t have to be a stoner to be willing to kill the munchies), most of the the recipies are online. Protip: pick the things you like and save the images on your phone; useful for your next groceries visit :slight_smile:


today’s surprise. we found them so pretty that we ditched making soup out of them.


Since buying food at foodstalls here(Indonesia) is cheaper than cooking… I buy at least a couple of times a week: Ketoprak, gado gado, tahu tek-tek or tiga T ijo
All vegetarian and all yummie


It’s weird. Most nights I can pretty easily come up with ideas. Other nights I look at dozens of recipes and nothing seems to hit the spot. Having one of those nights tonight.

Edit: Ended up with this. Nice tzatziki sauce.


@rknLA I’d be happy to share, but it is something I don’t have a written recipe for, save for my spice blend. It’s all in my fingers and I do slight alterations here and there testing out thoughts and ideas. Next time I cook a pot up, probably Sunday after next, I will take notes to get a written recipe down (so I don’t miss anything if I tried to write a recipe from memory). The only caveat is you need to know how to make a roux… in my written recipe it will just say: x and x amounts, make a roux (x color). :grinning: I’ll have no explanation of how in the recipe.


Pretty. Is that some sort of beetroot?

For me, it was a curry day after reading this article on the history of the curry house in the UK:


yes indeed! :slight_smile:

we have a subscription of mixed vegetables from a local farmer, which is a great way for getting to know new stuff! we never had this particular kind…


:heart_eyes: I would be so grateful!

I’m ok at rouxes (is that the correct pluralization?), and always enjoy an excuse to practice. Especially if it’s easy to scrap a failed attempt and try again (not possible for thanksgiving gravy because usually the drippings fat is a scarce item)


squash from santa ines


Re: gluten sensitivity, my wife cut out gluten a little over a year ago after an autoimmune diagnosis. First time we made a flourless tort (basically a combo of eggs, butter, sugar, and chocolate) for the extended family, we explained what it was and a cousin exclaimed “That’s perfect! The flour is just filler, anyway.”


That sounds incredible! I really need to get into cider more myself. Being the Okie that I am I’ve just focussed on brewing my IPAs haha.


I’ve been doing a lot of sous vide fish lately. Very easy dinner that always turns out great. I just put a bit of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme on a rainbow trout filet. I’ll then coat it in flour so that it turns golden brown.

Last night I made Thyme and Mushroom soup followed by Hazelnut Panna Cotta for dessert. My wife started med school rotations, so I’m on cooking detail for the foreseeable future.

Favorite Cookbook at the moment:
The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

BTW, the food scene in Houston is incredible. I don’t understand why this city isn’t more famous for culinary reasons. The Anthony Bourdain episode filmed here recently was perfect.


[quote=“trickyflemming, post:39, topic:6079”]
The Anthony Bourdain episode filmed here recently was perfect.
[/quote]havent seen houstons ep but i love that show (and chopped)

some of the few tv events i watch regularly or try to dvr