Mm.. Food (What are you eating?)


Currently taking notes at the Monterey chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers annual citrus tasting.


Not food exactly… but goes well with food!

Extraordinary Pinot Noir, but unfortunately very expensive in the UK.

Is anybody nearby?


Apparently it’s coconut flavored and made from coconut ash. As an EMT, we had to learn about this stuff. Long story short, I’m not putting it in my body unless I ingest poison.

I don’t plan on ingesting poison.


Hangover food required this morning so I tried some vegan sausage patties and egg. Rather nice. The headache is slowly receding :smiley:


Mango and tofu curry (Thai style curry). Love this recipe. Totally vegan too. Has everything you want in a dish on a crap Scottish summer day. Warmth, sweetness and 4 servings of fruits/veg.


Last night it was rapini (par cooked for a couple of minutes and then sautéed with garlic and olive oil), which came out so great I’m embarrassed that I’ve never made it before. It was meant to be a side dish, but was transformed into the main component of… tacos.


That, combined with the weather sounds like heaven to me. We have our sunny days here, which I do appreciate, but if I go too long without my beloved foghorn I start to lose my mind.


roasted chillies
great on everything
poblano, anaheim, any kind
burn the skin all over on the stove
wrap 'em in a wet towel
put 'em in a place to steam
(plastic bag, covered bowl, etc.)
let sit for a few minutes
under water, peel off the burnt skins
cut out the stems, veins, seeds
slice and/or dice :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this. I cook corn on the cob like this all the time… next time I’ll add chilis to the mix!


the smell of summer…


rockin’ the tajin :slight_smile:


I am curious how to use toasted pumpkin seeds and mango.


You’ll want to make sure the contact mic is securely attached to the surface of what you’re trying to amplify. Also, make sure that all your modules are plugged in with the red stripe matching the negative pole on both your power supply and all your modules, or else you might suffer from magic smoke. Also, what?


wrong forum, bud…


from a cursory google this recipe looks ok:

could also make a mango jam/jelly bark with some oatmeal/pumpkins seeds, but yeah i think probably need to peep a diff forum.


creme fraiche and pumpkin seed pesto on some sourdough toast, sliced mango on top :+1:


I’ve long been curious about and biofeedback in music in general. Maybe try that?


Don’t use them, experience them.



Inspiration for the question :point_up::roll_eyes: