Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


There’s been a couple of threads that mention Peter’s instruments, but after seeing the latest video demoing the newer instruments, I thought it might be worthwhile to have a thread for fellow CL/IFM/Tocante fans.

I’m a big fan of the ciat-lonbarde stuff and have a whole bunch of the older instruments. At some point I want to pony down and buy/build a small euro setup around IFM modules + some expert sleepers stuff to control it.


Shbobo Shnth patches and appreciation
Approaching: norns
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Inscrutability in Musical Tools

Awesome, @Rodrigo!
Took delivery of a Plumbutter 2 recently.
Looking forward to any type of conversation about Peter’s crazy inventions.



I’ve been crazing a plumbutter2 for a while too. It’s been years since I’ve gotten a new Peter instrument…

Actually the last time was this:



Cool. I love Peter B’s instruments. There’s so much to explore with them and they constantly surprise me.
I’ve added a Sidrassi and Shnth since this:



Are you Michael?

I totally recognized that (oldschool) Fyrall from the (oldschool) “picture corner” page:

When I first built my Fourses I had two cats, and they ended up stomping through two of those uncovered speakers, so I eventually put a plastic speaker grill over mine, and then my Fyrall (@Angela’s actually, as she bought/built it) came with the smaller speaker holes, so that wasn’t so much an issue.

p.s. What’s the DIY looking orange box? The barres on the sides makes me think its some kind of Tetrazzi/Sidrazzi type thing or something?



No, I’m sandy.

Not sure how many hands it went through before I bought the Fyrall. But, I did talk to someone who works with Peter on the Shnth stuff who remembered it being built by Michael and may possibly have owned it after him (it was a while ago and my memory is hazy). I had been tempted to repaint it (don’t really like the green that much) but decided it is a little bit of CL history being on that webpage so it should stay as it was. I did add a switch to disable to internal speaker but nothing else.

The orange box is actually a Cocostuber. It was built (iirc) by a guy called Tom into an old medical device he/Peter had lying around. All the switches change the modulation routing and the dials control delay time etc. It’s a tad idiosyncratic but is great fun. Somewhere I have a bit of paper with scribbles on it showing all the routings etc. If I can find it I’ll upload a picture.

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Just bought meng qi’s version of rollz 5.

Waiting to order parts to put it together.

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Ah that’s cool. It’s crazy the journey some of those things take. I remember trying to track down and buy one of the short lived dogslits, and I went through a bunch of people before ended up with bartlebooth (sp) (Steve), who was super kind/awesome and recorded a bunch of samples from it for me.

The Cocostuber! Another oldschool thing. I remember thinking it was fucking crazy/awesome, that he “finished” the enclosure with butter, or something like that. lol

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Oh man, I love Peter B’s work. What a brilliant, hilarious, spazy character.



I’ve built 2 Meng’s Rollz5+ units so far. Surprisingly playable and really cool sounding. If you can get the rolls tuned right they will work nicely with modular gear. REALLY fun.



Steve is the very person I was talking about! He’s been extremely helpful over the years whether it’s been technical queries or little history lessons.

The Cocostuber is cool. Basically two delays and filters but with all the modulation/patching possibilities it certainly is greater than the sum of its parts.

Edit: Cocostuber “manual”



havent tried with euro yet but i love the rollz 5

it’s like a poor mans’ plumbutter



like 1/8th the price.

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Peter’s stuff is great but very much requires that one buys into the whole concept, I think, which is why I ended up feeling that the Eurorack modules, great as they all are, weren’t for me because they just don’t play that well with others if one is looking for something like harmony, occasionally…
I did at one point find a setting for Denum where I could get it to play with other v/oct oscillators, but any waveshape changes necessarily change pitch, too. Maths is an awesome oscillator, too, but it can’t do v/oct either…
I love the made of wood compilation and I like pretty much all of Peter’s ideas, but my system is Eurorack and I couldn’t find a way to make the IFM set play nicely with the rest of my system. It could be argued that my system is too conservative…
I did, however, keep Sprott and Dunst. Sprott just sounds great, lots of routing and mixing options + the chaos! and the distortion is maybe my favourite in all of Eurorack. That said, I needed to buy a compressor (WMD) module to run it through, it is so wild, it could blow your speakers… Dunst is 2 great great noise sources and 2 VCAs, can’t beat that. I love it as a clock source, rather like the old Wogglebug.



@lloydcole, thanks for putting me on the “made of wood” compilations.
wasn’t aware of them before. have to dig through the whole game of life catalogue it seems.

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Yes! It actually literally IS kinda a poor mans Plumbutter, since it’s the precursor to PB.

If you want to use the rollses with euro, to get usable pulse patterns out of it you need to avoid using any of the odd number rolls (3 roll and 5 roll basically), and generally use smaller cap values on the even rolls (2, 4, and 6). I’m sure there are exceptions to this, of course, but in my experience this yielded the most usable results for euro buddies.

The odd numbered rolls are pretty much only going to work with the ultrasound filters on the Rolls5+ and patched into other rolls as they oscillate up into ultrasonic frequencies, Peter B’s so-called “paradox wave”.



Is the rollz5 save to use with euro out of the box? Been thinking of buying a kit from Mengqi for some time now…

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I found this to be largely true. I had a plumbutter twice (both V1), a tetrax and a shnth and rarely paired them with my modular. But then, I really didn’t feel the need to. The sonic worlds were so immersive. Not to mention the mindset. Really inspiring stuff.

Also a big fan of bartlebooth. He hooked me up with my Serge and was about as generous as anyone could possibly be.



So awesome. I look forward to hearing about your experience. I had the V1 and loved it. Borrowed a V2 for a night and it was great too. Tighter somehow. Maybe better suited to play with others?



Thinking about this it occurs to me that each one of Peter’s instruments I bought had a story behind it and ALL of the transactions were awesome and led to an ongoing relationship.

… Now ask me who sold me my first Maths! (No diss on Tony at all of course… :slight_smile: ) I’m just saying there’s something very special about Peter’s gestalt that inspires seems to inspire community and deep thinking. Kind of like this place.

EDIT: I’m sure I didn’t get my Maths from Tony and to be fair, he’s the sweetest and most generous too. Just making a point about the difference in community around CL and euro… Worlds apart!

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