Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread

So much want. lol
The old instruments were the best.



^ some fave pics of instruments i do not own… yet… muhahahaha

errr… wait, i do own a Fyrall. lol :smiley:


thanks! In that example, patching a red and orange together adds a sorta glide or portamento between the pitches. it’s worth experimenting with as the red and orange mwtrs jacks seem to have a unique effect when modulating


That’s my old Sidrassi :grinning:

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thanks! i’ll give that a try on Monday and try another triangle trick! :grinning:


A while back I posted that I had found a full pic of the OG Fources and OG Fyrall boards - some of you know I cloned the Fyrall for personal use -
I decided to also tackle the Fources - Finished the Values for the Silkscreen today :slight_smile:

When I finish Fources - I plan to ask Peter if I can release the Gerbers as a gift to the Community :slight_smile:


Hey Gang,
I just released an album centered on the Fourses in the Zi-Hai. Here’s the release thread with free download codes available. Please use them!


Just got my first Ciat-Lonbarde instrument, Sidrax Organ. Pretty fun.

I’ve used the OT as a live-looper.


This is awesome, I love that second beat. Atmospheres on the first are really nice too. Thanks for sharing you should write an album of this type of stuff!


Thanks, glad that you like them. I got this beautiful instrument today and I already love it. With this setup I can create something so fast, unbelievable.


CL Instruments really are magical :slight_smile:

Speaking of that…
Ieaskul F. Mobenthey Fourses has 8 unused nodes on the back…
Made a Fourses Expander :smiley:
Bringing out the 4 Squares and 4 Triangles (no DC Offset) to a panel - giving 8 extra Outputs to Fourses.



So, I’ve been interested in trying my hand at DIY again, and am trying to decide which Ciat circuit to build as a true (!!) beginner. For reference, I’ve only soldered one project before - a mini 2x oscillator / filter drone synth designed by Delptronics for a class I took - but that was a few years ago so I’m extra rusty and was a total newb anyway :slight_smile:

I’m mainly looking for something that’s super easy to assemble, so was leaning towards the Gerassic Organ (seems to have a small set of components needed). Any other recommendations? FWIW, I have a shnth as my only other Ciat device, so it’d be cool to make something that accompanies it well.

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Finally finished my Fourses Arpserge / Tarpterge / Intersexon / Dubernator combo. It’s a lot of work and a lot of wiring :grinning: Thanks to @crucFX for the help / notes on the build.

Short clips here

Also finished 3 x Rollzstrip combo for half a Rolzer for the Plumbutter

Now I’m addicted to making epoxy LED windows


I’m really interested in your

3 x Rollzstrip combo for half a Rolzer for the Plumbutter

but can’t see any attachment? I built a rollz5 but it’s too large for the space I have and I only use it for the rollz

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Oh sweet. Are you planning to offer the expansion for sale?


Beautiful builds, @mlogger. I like the way you have the pots in the midst of all the sandrodes on your Fourses and it sounds great too!


Here’s the photos of the strips and cover of the half Rolzer. If you line up the drilled holes correctly there’s no wiring for the bananas.


I highly suggest the following -
Gerassic Organ
Lil Sidrassi
or Old Mr Grassi

^ These are all very fun and rewarding (noisey) builds!!

@yghartsyrt - Maybe some day - but you must be aware that you have to slightly modify your stock IFM Fourses with either wires or single Pin Headers on each node :slight_smile:

I also do not sell in this thread, as thats a no no :slight_smile:
We try to avoid talking about that here!!

I would like to do more testing before I let any of them out into the world. don’t want anyone frying their Fourses lol - but it seems to be working great :smiley:

I will probably release the Gerbers for people to DIY them :slight_smile:


Hey thanks - I liked the idea of having spaghetti cables covering everything for some reason. The crocodile cables I also made myself using thicker stranded AWG wire instead of the premade stuff which is kind of too thin and poor quality.
The box also has separate inputs for the duber on the side (as well as on top) - 4 cv bananas, 3 audio bananas and 3 x 1/4” jacks so I can ping the duber with the Sidrax/ Tetrax and use the filters independently. On the other side are 4 outs - 3 duber (mix, filter 1 / 2 out and fourses dry out. There is also knob for the power starve castle cuck amount on the side


That’s a lot of fun in one box! I think you’re in the lead for most CL circuitry per cubic inch.:grin:


I wasn’t aware that asking, if you’d sell them through the regular channels is already considered off-limits. thanks for the heads up.

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