Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Unfortunately it’s a yes to all of that and it still doesn’t work for me weirdly enough. I don’t get it…

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Is it possible to sync Coco loopers to an OP-1 using the PO sync. I read in PO Sync it’s dual mono with a click going out of the left channel, I tried connecting this to the looper flip but didn’t do anything?

So I finally pulled the trigger on a Norns Shield, specifically to add to my Ciat arsenal (PB, Coco, Deerhorn).
Any particular scripts you folks think pair nicely with the Ciat system?

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The closest I can get to syncing a coco buffer is to use the Skip input. You can always try sending an audio signal into the piezo in, and see if you get a response to the envelope coming out of the Orange jack. In my experience, the pulse width has to be very short, or the loop point will noticeably wander after just a couple loops (e.g. using an SQ-1 gate on step 1, I have to turn the Duty knob fully ccw, and even then it will still wander sometimes).

Cheat Codes 2


Thanks! I’m excited!



So like having two cocos, sortof? Not a bad idea actually!

for sure one for the PB and one for the deerhorn.


Do you think the ripcords will have any problems fitting in next to one another on this power bank? I don’t think the strap on top would interfere, but looking at the ripcord, it looks a little wider than a normal USB A.

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maybe? you’d get at least two. the USB end of the Ripcord is a bit chonky but I just checked with a USB cable in my “studio” cardboard box of bananas and PB-relevant cables and you might even get three!


I am syncing my coco with volcas sync out and it works perfect. I go piezo in.

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Thanks for your input!
Do you know of any powebanks that I can cram a ton of ripcords in? I’d hate to have to purchase one with every other slot that has to be open. I think @yobink mentioned one that is no longer in production.

So you go sync out to piezo in, piezo audio to clock in (Green)? What other patching does sync require?

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You could fit 2 and lose the middle port, or use 3 usb to female usb extenders and get all 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes piezo out, i use most of the time the envelope follower out and that one goes to greens.
i have video where you can see how coco and volca are running perfectly in sync.


i’m an early adopter of the RipCord PSUs.
i have about 15 or 20 of them all over the place here.
(powering an entire Ciat-Lonbarde rig with them) :stuck_out_tongue:
i have a couple of these…they have enough room for that stupid button that sticks out.

then i use one of these for another area of the rig…
the individual power buttons are a really great feature!

with a whole horde of these so i can deal with those stupid buttons…

hope that helps!


Can’t wait to get this in a case and play with Duber and Fyrall!!

here is a blurb i found on the 2006 version of the CL website:

"My Friend,

For you, Ciat-Lonbarde will make the finest instruments to listen to spacey sounds and make space reggae. These instruments feature the sandrode philosophy, a path to intuition. You are presented with infinite possibilities arranged in the random sandrodes and the connections you make in them. You touch them softly or short them metallicly to scroll thru different sonic worlds of sound. The Fourses and Fyrall are two kits to make your own sandrode sonic worlds.

You weave chaotic patterns on the sandrodes. To tune-in to them, try a Dubernator - double resonator - to focus like a bell or just “wah wah” filter it. It’s like highlighting two zones of the spectrum, widely or tightly. With the VDog - squisher controller - you gently rub the pad to coax little breaths of sound through. Or bang it up hard to make some heavy vibrations. You see, the VDog allows you to control the volume of sound by touch, responding in a “VDog eye breath echo” pattern. You can also send this VDog pattern over to the Dubernator to follow it and breathe with it.

Now when I want to make a speech, I use a Fourses or Fyrall as “stomach,” or you can think of it as the raw woven wordstuff that goes thru your voice-box. The VDog is like the voice-box: you like squish sound through it. Then your lips shape the sound: “wah-a-ooo-eee-yo”. I do this on my Dubernator, with the extra modulation trick you get with the VDog-Dubernator pair. This is a way to make imitations of mutations of voices: cat-dogs, monkey-men, etc. The full ensemble is a vocal synthesizer.

Now, if you already have a voice, consider the Cocolase Device to process it. In this device, a central woven analog brain, “Sidrassi,” controls two 8-bit digital delays, flipping, skipping and bending their material around. The result: Cocolase, which is recorded material woven into lace by the Sidrassi."


Just saw this while browsing Control’s website: