Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Thank you @MengQiMusic!!


Thanks for the doc, I’ve found the MW thread very helpful and Hainbach’s video is very good to get up and running. I like how it’s more of a feeling thing than process, reminds me of getting used to working with my filterbank—at first it just seems to distort things but then you get the harmonics and subtleties with careful attention.


Coco dolby switches in the up position, don’t seem to have any effect that I can utilise, any insights or ideas on how to use these?

I get the gating/sidechain effect when they’re in the down position.


Sounds about right. 20char


there’s some shnth & tocante here… :slight_smile:


plumbutter & co


That basically just has em act like noise gates, if, for example, your input has a decently high noise floor or some whine or something, having it in the up position can keep that out of the looping, and only let through sound that surpasses the threshold


Thought I’d show off my “final” build of Peter’s first paper circuit, the “Lil’ Sidrassi” I made at a residency in February. This was a pretty easy build, all things considered. I love touching the whole back of the circuit, so I just gave it a front panel and left the rest exposed. I’m going to get a better battery clip so the thing isn’t dangling.

I have the hairy capacitors arranged low to high clockwise, which Peter says in the instructions makes it more chaotic (which I dig). I added the switches because I wanted to be able to put it in “bass” mode, “treble” mode, or some mixture, so there’s a low and high value capacitor on each switch. I had access to a few different flavors of cap, which changes way more that I thought in terms of tone.

Here are some pics:


wahhhh. It sounds so good! What was the residency?


not sure if crossposting is ok, but here goes

we just released this tape, 4 tracks with some instrumentation with the plumbutter and m other banana synths (benjo, grackler etc)


Thank you!

It was the winter residency at Signal Culture in upstate New York. They’re well known in the video art world and have some of the first video synth and colorizer devices ever made. The artists in residence get to use all of that gear and more, though I was a toolmaker in residence and just built a bunch of stuff for a week (some of which I’m going to be sharing on here soon and asking for dev advice).

If anyone wants info on how to apply, or help making one of their own Lil Sids, I’m happy to advise as best I can :slight_smile:


Ordered! Can’t wait to receive :vulcan_salute:


Special announcement for San Francisco bay area:
Workshop with Peter B for 8/19 at Noisebridge! He is offering kits, at half price of completed instruments, Tocante for $210 & Mobenthey set for $999.
Tocante is 10 flavors: circle, square, triangle, red circle, red square, red triangle, bass square, bass triangle, zenert and karper.
Mobenthey set includes: fourses, 3xswoop, 2xdenum, dunst, sprott.
Peter requested an Informal poll so he knows what to bring. If you’re planning on coming down, what are you interested in building? I’ll post more information as it becomes available.


Wow thats an amazing deal for the mobenthey set!!


I’d like to say thanks for getting to try and make a trade for the Ciat-Lonbarde Rollzer from @lijnenspel

I was blown away by this incredibly simple, yet incredibly complex sequencer, and of course tipped off by peter about the depths of it’s awesomeness.

As a result, I am proud to announce that we are now stocking the Ciat-Lonbarde Rollzer in EU at Patch Point :smile:

Next up we will have a re-stock touch organs and bring in the IFM systems in stock, followed by the DearHorn.

We just got back from Portland Training with Mr Blasser for some time during a week, and well it was a great time and learning experience…



Dibs on the deerhorn!


Here’s an fb event and poll to gauge interest all in one place, pete will make tix available on his site soon though, I hear


I bought a ticket through the synthmall website (I assume that’s the signup? instructions are kinda confusing) and am ridiculously pumped about this! Peter’s designs are genius, and I cannot wait to spend a day studying it.


Would anyone be willing to record a bit of the Plumbutter snare — I’m curious as to how it sounds and how much it’s tweakable.

Would be happy to record something in exchange. (I have a Rollz and Coco 2)



I might be able to get some recording done later, but I’d say it’s not terribly tweakable, you basically just have control over the decay.