Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Bee tee dubs. Get yr mall time at Noisebridge in SF.



It’s just out of interest as I’m currently using a Coco 2 and Rollz 5. I you would that’s great but no worries if it’s a bother :slightly_smiling_face:

When I read the PB2 has a snare I was intrigued, certainly wasn’t expecting it to be a snare in the conventional sense. I was hoping to get a basic sample I could record into one of the loopers to hear it in context.



I think the sound source is his ‘zener noise’ that he also uses in Dunst and the Zenert. So perhaps has a slightly different flavour too it, but its essentially white noise.



Ok thanks, well no shortage of noise on the Coco :slight_smile:



I’d say the snare gets made into a “snare” when you either run some ultrasound into it, or deerhorn, or you run it throught the filter inputs on the front, or you cv modulate the vca…

…as a source its super tweakable

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Psss - i got the store demo dearhorn organ in for trying!



how do you run sound into the snare? or do you just mean via the decay verso/inverso input?



Hey - to run “sound” into the snare, modulate the VCA with an audio rate…

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you can also send the same sound into the decay blue inputs for the snare as well as the blue vca inputs
then you get something even more related but different than the original input

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Not sure if this has been asked before, but are any of the Mobenthey modules volt/octave oscillators? I had a Dunst and sold it – sometimes I miss it. It was a unique module and I’ve been thinking of exploring the world of IFM again.

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I had a little collection of ifm for a while they make a great noise system i remeber the denum didnt track volt per octave Very Well… I’d love another full system been stalking the patch point web site lately I’d get it if I had the cash. They are loads of fun to play with.



Thanks - I figured that they are mostly on the chaotic side based on my experience with Dunst. :grinning:

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Chaotic yes. I feel the fources is the main ingredient to all the bonkers-ness. i spent many many hours messing around with these modules I found I was just getting lost in a the crazy noises not really doing much musically with them. So much fun though I miss them now, even my wife got interested in them because they sounded so different to any of my other gear.



I haven’t tested it against other modules, but the Denum has both linear and exp inputs for pitch (or rather… bounce and bounds) and seem to respond “correctly” to v/oct.

Because the two are intertwined you’d probably have to set one of the two to a neutral setting, then tune off that.

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I’m in need of some clarification on using the Dolby switches.

Say I record a continuous drone into a looper with both switches in centre position, then turn up the playback volume of the loop so I’m listening to it. I then start playing a drum loop into the looper and flick the playback switch into the down position, should my drum loop be ducking the drone? (this is what I’m trying to achieve anyway :slightly_smiling_face:)



Does anyone know which paper circuit this MengQi PCB is based on? Might be a fun (and cheap) way into CL stuff for me but after a build guide of some kind (hooking up power and pots/buttons mostly):

Edit: Maybe the Aluminium Phosphate Crystal Simulation?

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I’m trying to understand the recommendation that Peter has around using his Ieaskul modules with Piezos. Is the Ieaskul barre controller vaporware? Doesn’t look like it’s for sale anywhere - no traces of it on store sites or synthmall.

In essence it seems that a mikrophonie or ears might give some of the same results?



I picked up the PB2 a few months ago, and really love it. It’s my go to instrument.


It’s created a bit of banana / eurorack anxiety. I know this is an issue others have identified, and the best advice is get over it, but - an example - I’d like to get the Cocoquantus, but it makes me anxious because I’m now in a branched gear situation where eurorack develops in parallel with banana. I know there’s format jumblers, maybe that’s my way out of this weird unnecessary concern. Anyone on the other side of a similar situation that can give some advice? (Hope this is ok in the synthmall thread, as this thread played a large part in creating the situation for me, I turn to it to solve the situation for me.)

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Yep! It’s the Aluminum Phosphate. I built pretty much all of the Meng Qi Paper Circuit PCBs, and I think that one was the most difficult and time consuming. I spent ages trying to figure out why I couldn’t get sound out of it… and it ended up being that I was using a 9V power supply with the wrong polarity >_<

Those huge holes on the bottom are a good spot for touchable banana jacks. I think I found a bunch either on eBay or AliExpress, but this was a few years back. Alternatively, Meng Qi has a video where he built one with a bunch of momentary arcade buttons for connecting the various points.



I’m in a semi similar boat in that I’ve recently ordered a PB2, though for me it’s more about the banana stuff not fitting in with the rest of my ‘brass rod’ Blasser stuff*. Though I have wondered what kind of pulse the rollz in the PB2 put out. I remember reading something ages ago that it sent out negative voltage spikes or something? Mainly thinking if it’s possible to use my ES-8 to control the PB2 sound generators.

*I did make a related thread on muffs asking about banana-to-rod converter stuff and have ordered a bunch of these to test with.