Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Awesome! Played with the new Deerhorn at Patch Point last weekend and gassing over one now as well. CocoDeer is a great combo, I think! Out of curiosity, why did you go for a “connected” version? Is the ground internally shared already?

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I really like the look of them unified



Digikey: 102-4270-ND

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The ground is shared indeed



Thank you!! Going to order now



Holy crap that looks awesome.

Does anyone have any links to non plumbutter deerhorn music? I know of the few videos on youtube and the stuff on the CL site but recordings of this instrument seem to be very scarce… Kind of reluctant to take the plunge into buying one without hearing some more extensive stuff.



I don’t think I ever shared this here, but here’s a little treat for all you Ciat Lombard’s enthusiasts: 100 minutes of Plumbrolzer improvisation! I recorded all of this in one take and I like to just zone out and let it play, it’s very meditative. Hope you enjoy!



it’s 12 volts right?



I just received a detailed answer from Peter Blasser:

Hi, you’ll only need one power supply. you can connect it to either one.
12vdc, >100ma, center-positive 2.1mm tip.
try this one:



I’ve patching some Coco Quantussy outs into my Rollz 5 power starve. The vactrol is lighting up but nothing much seems to be happening, I’m presuming I still need to install the potentiometer? Could someone advise me on what part I’d need?

Looks cool though!



How well do IFM modules play with others? The case I’m planning has some space left so I’m considering filling it with a couple of Swoops and a Dunst. I am also considering a touch controller - either Mr. Grassi or a Lines. Any thoughts?



I find pretty well. The VCAs on Dunst are nice too, particularly as they take bipolar CV (which both Dunst and Swoop produce nicely). That lets you do cool panning/ducking stuff with the VCAs.

I’ve not used a Lines but the Grassi is quite nice, and also works as a great sound source too (I really love the rungler ‘scramble’ sound).

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Don’t know if this has come up here, but has anyone tried modding their Dunst so it’s noise output is louder? (The thread on muffs has lots of people commenting on how quiet the noise is on this module)

I’m not technically savvy enough to poke around the board with a scope, but I imagine there’s an amplifier in there somewhere to boost up the zener noise, so I’m wondering if it’s as simple as swapping out a resistor or two to boost the output level.

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In a strange turn of events I’ve become the proud new owner of this beauty.

Very happy to be joining the CL family, and I look forward to getting to know it in the coming weeks, months and years, with many headscratching moments too. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions for all of you.



What instrument is that?



It’s a Dual Plumbutter. A guy from Glastonbury offered it to me as a trade for my Voyager, which I’ve been looking to get rid of for ages. Apparently there were only three ever made and Muffwiggler Mike was the original owner of this one.



I’d be interested in doing this too but also wary of modifying one of the most expensive by far pieces of music gear I’ve ever bought :smiley:




It’s mosrly surface mount stuff in the back but if it is possible to swap out a gain resistor I would think it’s ok to pop a full sized one in its place (some of my other IFM modules have little “tweaks” in there like that).

I’m not good enough at circuit stuff to spelunk that stuff but if I find out info I’ll post it here.

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Impulsively purchased a shnth in the middle of the night on Saturday and whoa! It is already here. Playing with this squishy, button-y beauty is fantastic.



Has anyone tried using a DI box with a tocante to eliminate ground hum with any success? I was thinking of getting one of these