Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Super. I was thinking about doing that workshop. Did you shoot any video during it?

I look forward to whatever you focus on next.



(I also need to like actually plan these things and edit them. But hey, this is better than the cell phone videos I’ve been taking.)

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I thought it was great. I think editing helps, but in many ways saying “I shoulda edited this” kinda does the job for you. The only feedback I’d have is you could leave the captions a little longer, maybe. What did you shoot it with?



Very little…I was focused on building the modules and a Tocante Zenert. Peter pre-soldered all the boards for us so we were only doing pots & jacks & switches, but on 8 modules that’s still a lot for me.

This is what I posted from that day:



Very cool. Thanks. And that is one insane wristwatch.



(edit: nevermind, I see the one you’re talking about)

My dream watch is a Botta Uno 24:

But that seems really gratuitous when I could spend my money on essentials like Synthmall devices.

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Super appreciative of any and all these Mobenthey vids! Been interested for years but are still so puzzling for me.



Despite the huge amount of Eurorack videos online, there’s definitely a long tail of modules that are barely covered. I’ve been wanting to do this sort of thing as an exercise in better understanding my gear, so I may go through all the stuff in my rack over time.

Mobenthey, NLC, some Toppobrillo, these all are under-investigated, and many of the videos I’ve seen of these are just sound w/ dark or blurry video without any explanation. Which is better than nothing! But I’m really appreciative of say @jamescigler and DivKid and Mylar and Knobs for taking the time to walk through gear with thought, care, and thoroughness. That’s what I would strive to work towards, over time.



It’s shot with a Sony a6300, with a wide-angle prime. I know almost zero about cameras and video editing, so I’m sort of feeling my way in the dark. I grabbed the a6300 because The Wirecutter recommended it as a good choice for low-light shooting in its ‘vlogging’ camera article.

I agree about the captions, now that I watch it. I read very quickly, myself, so while I was editing I didn’t think much of it, but on review they’re short. I left them alone when exporting because the timing/placement of them was important to me, and I would have had to rearrange a lot of things to make them stay onscreen longer. But I think you’re right, find a good minimum amount of time things should remain onscreen, and work from that.

When I do another video I am also going to position things more carefully, plan for more onscreen real estate for captions, etc. This was very much done in one shot after work while slightly unsober without having ever done this before.

I really appreciate any feedback including critical/advisory :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The Wirecutter is a good resource. People talk about “peak Eurorack,” and until it’s on Wirecutter I don’t believe it has occurred. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think the captions all start at the right moment. They’re timed well, information-wise and for the light humorous tough. Just about length. That’s my only feedback.



Very honored to hear that! I’ve got this vids in my queue to watch as soon as I can.
Honestly it all comes down to practice and planning. The one thing that definitely helps me is writing down a script, especially when it comes to the ‘describing the module’ at the beginnings of mine. Then I usually have some brief notes about the patches I’m going to create - I like to start with something basic, and then build on that, integrating as many of the features/controls as I can. I also focus the patches as much as I can around clearly showing what the controls/features do - making the sounds impressive/musical/etc is a secondary concern.



Switched PB & Coco on before leaving for work and managed to miss two trains :thinking:



Wondering how many deerhorn organs are out there… would love to hear more recordings made with them if anyone here owns one :slight_smile: )

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I just got one! Unfortunately it came at the same time as my sidrolz, so it’ll wait a bit before it gets some in depth love!

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I spent a lot of quality time w/ Swoop last night. Among other things, I found interesting self patching:

  • stackable or mult the triangle out, and send one of the cables into the down, up, or both input. This gives you exponential & logarithmic shapes rather than linear slopes. At audio rates, this sounds neat
  • The most basic way to get cycling going is to patch the right EOC output at bottom to the trigger input to its left. If you only have one patch cable, it needs to be positive to positive or negative to negative.
  • If you patch both of these to their respective triggers, you’ll get a positive-negative-positive-negative cycle, bipolar lfo style
  • if you cross-patch those instead (positive to negative and vice versa) it will still do a bipolar cycle. But if you turn Down and Up clockwise to around 2 or further, interesting things start to happen with the ordering of the triggering. Hard to explain in words, but give it a shot.

I’ll spend more time with it this week with the aim of doing another video on the weekend, better planned and edited this time.



Two of these together is basically a lot of a DUSG, which I suppose shouldn’t be a surprise, but so some of the things you can get from that architecture are possible. It can be a clock divider for example.



This is super. Thanks for the tips. I should have mine by Saturday-ish.



Hey that’s another instrument I’d absolutely love to hear more of too! I believe disxiple is releasing an album very shortly made with one



Actually that’s a sidraw not a sidrolz!



Has anybody used the Monome Trilogy Modules to interact with Plumbutter or some of the other CL systems? It sounds like patching into the brown jack on Plumbutter with external CV is a verboten, but there should be plenty of opportunities for an individual with open ears.