Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


First spin with the Swoop (recorded straight into my Disting). Bouncy noisy good fun.



To follow up on PB and Pitch CV, I got a banana Voltage Memory yesterday and it’s a mixed bag. The good news is that the VM works pretty much as expected in an AVDog FM input, but the VM seems to completely monopolize whatever it goes into- i.e. any other output stacked on top of or underneath the VM is cancelled out for whatever reason. I tried it with a Sidrax as well and same result. Kinda disappointing, as you can stack a PB CV out with an audio out into an FM input as you’d expect, but I’m not sure if Pitch CV from another device would work better.

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I’ve been really enjoying my Swoop, so there is now a Fourses headed my way.

Here’s a little Swoop (via 4ms Spectral) thing I recorded over the weekend. It’s more Spectral than Swoop, that said.



I keep my Tocante on my nightstand (just in case of Intruders). This morning it woke me up spontaneously howling. It was more alarming because I had a plug in it to power starve it, so it was squealing and squelching.

It stopped about 5 minutes later on its own. I guess these instruments really are haunted!



are they grounded together?



Yes, they were. Per Meng Qi himself, it’s because VM has buffered, low impedance outputs and I’d need an active mixer to combine signals.



Sorry if this is asked before but how nice are Ciat instruments playing with external CV and external instruments over CV? Is it all safe in ±5V or +10V range or should there be any warnings?



Never had any issues feeding ±5V from my Bugbrand into my tetrax, but always assumed that’s because ciat voltages tend to hover around 4v at resting, so the negative voltage never took it much lower than 0v… Also occasionally put 5-10v signals into it, but once you go beyond 5v it doesn’t do anything extra, I did tend to try and avoid using anything over 5v as well… just in case.
But don’t take my word as gospel, I think it’s generally advised to not use any negative voltages at all.

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That’s what I’ve read as well. As far as anything over +5V though, Plumbutter’s CV outputs are 0 to +9V according to a MW poster quoting an email from Peter B and another poster who scoped it, so I’d think that range should be safe across the CL board.

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My reasoning was if the resting voltage is approx 4v and then I add 10v to that wouldn’t they sum to around +14v? - my understanding of these things is lacking to say the least.



I’m no expert myself, I can just report what smarter people have said and that my PB hasn’t blown itself up (yet) :slight_smile:



Same! I think good precautions have been taken on all ins/outs with the exception of those plumbutter brown jacks. I definitely have to use negative voltages to get the full range out of the Tetrax oscillators. Two of the grey inputs (one of the pitch inputs and one of the chaos inputs) on mine didn’t respond at all to any positive voltages!



I’m thinking about expanding my CL gear and interested in opinions on what the sweet spot is.

I currently use a Coco, Plumbutter 2 and Phashi. I feels like a very complete manageable creative tool but my mind wanders into what other CL instruments would add.

I’m keen to get hold of a Rolzer to expand the PB sound palette and get some of the raw Rollz sounds in there. It would be great to hear from any Rolzer users what there experience is. I had a MQ Rollz-5 for a while and it was a good gateway drug but ultimately too limiting for me—the orange jacks on the Rolzer appeal :thinking:



Anyone have an elegant solution for putting a couple CL devices on a stand of some kind - I’d like to get them off the table top in a way that’s functional and attractive? Wanna get em angled up and easily patchable. Looking at those 3D Waves stands but wondering if anyone has some suggestions or roll your own tips…


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@Weird_Ear @Scy1e had a great looking 2 tiered keyboard stand setup!



You can kinda see it here, it is in ‘studio mode’ where it supports 2 long planks that have auxiliary gear that I wouldn’t bring to a show on the ends of each plank, and my performance stuff is all affixed to a couple pedalboards in the center.

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I have an unexpected extra bit of cash this month, so I’m now eyeing a Denum… should I do it? Mostly interested in chaotic synthesis/patching it with an audio rate sequential switch.

Can I route external signals through the VCAs?



You can use the VCAs independently of Denum’s osc, yes. As to whether you should do it, look deep in your heart… :slight_smile: