Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


I have an unexpected extra bit of cash this month, so I’m now eyeing a Denum… should I do it? Mostly interested in chaotic synthesis/patching it with an audio rate sequential switch.

Can I route external signals through the VCAs?


You can use the VCAs independently of Denum’s osc, yes. As to whether you should do it, look deep in your heart… :slight_smile:


Anyone got any tips for tuning Deerhorn? I understand that one knob is a coarse tune for both oscillators, but then the individual fine tune knobs change both oscillators in opposite directions, so it’s quite fiddly to dial in consonant pitches.


hi there,
there’s some plumbutter on this one as well as other banana synths


Nice one!


I got one of those LiPo car jumpstart batteries. It does 12V output and can power all my Mobenthy modules. I had this patch running for a hour and the charge indicator didn’t drop from when I turned it on. So I’m expecting infinity playing time :slight_smile:

Downside of the battery is despite also doing 5V @ 2.1 amps it can only do one output voltage type at once. So Norns runs off it’s own battery in this picture.


guess you need a “module” with LM78xx and USB port


the most lols of DC <=> DC



this was really really good


hey thanks! <3
here’s another track I forgot to add, also w plumbutter :slight_smile:


Has anyone here built the Solar Sounders?

I’m tempted to try but probably with neither solar panel nor speaker :smiley: just probably some kind of power starve…? and jack outputs.


I built those thee a few weeks ago with the same intentions… still waiting for the NJM2073 to arrive (I ordered them from aliexpress). They should work flawlessly with a 9V battery, I’ll report back when mines are alive :slight_smile:


great, thanks :slight_smile: Ahh yeah I’ll need some of those too, i don’t think I have. Wonder if I could figure out how to replace it with an LM386

should link my Lil Sidrassi build here too: :slight_smile: //// pictures ////


I got my Mobenthy wine box rig battery powered along with the rest of this stuff. It’s the primary input source for mlr and Aleph delay lines. Looking forward to doing some videos.


this is a very pretty little rig. Look forward to hearing it.


yes please this is a great looking setup


Here’s another Ciat album I just released - I posted in the releases section for anyone that missed it


Hi there,

I’m just wondering if anyone here is using Lorre-mill gear with their plumbutter 2?
Can they safely cross patch?
I’ll probably scope out the outputs just to be safe, but figured that it doesn’t hurt to ask here.



Not my experiance but I’ve seen warnings about not to send CV with too high peak voltages to the inputs of Double Knot. Not sure how hot is CL chain or if it is a problem with Plumbutter at all.