Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Maybe there is something I don’t know about the pedal, but wouldn’t it be easier to make a banana-to-jack cable?


these are jack-banana converters like Low-Gain Electronics UTL-2 and UTL-1/2


Discovered the one module i have with which the Dunst’s dust output works really well is the Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron, in clock mode. Nice 8bit harsh noise textures. Had interesting results mixing the dust with a pulse wave as continuous clock/trigger to go from order to chaos :slight_smile:


Yeah - that’s all I intended to do - I thought it might be a silly Q - just wondering if the expression pedal is sending the CV necessary…

Making my own cable - I’d connect tip of 1/4” to banana?


Yeah jack tip to banana (signal), BUT I guess you also need to take the sleeve to another banana to connect to 0V/ground.


20 chars of indeed !


Got a new console-style mic for the Coco yesterday. Here’s a test run with all vocals


GAS for cocoquantus intensifies…