Mobenthey/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Discovered the one module I have with which the Dunst’s dust output works really well is the Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron, in clock mode. Nice 8bit harsh noise textures. Had interesting results mixing the dust with as continuous clock/trigger from a pulse wave, to go from order to chaos :slight_smile:


Yeah - that’s all I intended to do - I thought it might be a silly Q - just wondering if the expression pedal is sending the CV necessary…

Making my own cable - I’d connect tip of 1/4” to banana?


Yeah jack tip to banana (signal), BUT I guess you also need to take the sleeve to another banana to connect to 0V/ground.


20 chars of indeed !


Got a new console-style mic for the Coco yesterday. Here’s a test run with all vocals


GAS for cocoquantus intensifies…


which one of Dunst, Fourses, Denum, Swoop and Sprott is analog and which is digital?


All are analog.

20 chars.


Dunst manual says that it “computes” its randomness by sampling a stochastic waveform to mark an arbitrary voltage… so, is this a ‘literary’ description derived from software programming of a rather analog process?


Sounds like a description of sample and hold. But computers can be (and were originally) analog.

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Yeah, that Peter B speak for sample and hold on some sort of noise.


Some news from the Synthmall checkout aisle:

“The Quatrax Organ shall be a new device in the summer of 2019. It has 14 tunable barres and three master knobs: pitch, timbre, and chaos. Order now to get on the waitlist. Orders shall be filled in the order they were received, when it becomes available.”

Sounds pretty intense.


Crikey, sounds interesting, wonder if it will be half Triangle/Saw?


Hmm, given that it looks like an update to the “organ” lineage, I wonder if there will be similar updates to the coco and plumbutter lineages as well.


That sounds so appealing! Can’t wait to see and hear it.


Seems like that’s the Quatrax on the bottom shelf? I count fourteen barres and three knobs. (Slow day at work edit: Second Instagram link has some info from Peter B)

Also, Patch Point apparently had one at a demo last month

(honestly, I’m not trying to do this much detective work. I’m looking for a few IFM modules and this is a pleasant byproduct :slightly_smiling_face:)


To be honest, one of the biggest advantages of Tetrax or Sidrax is their compact nature. At least for me. So – even though I’m happy there’ll be something new from Peter B – I’m not really holding my breath or trying to figure out a way to fund the new instrument. Which is a good thing, I guess :wink:


Ah right, just looks like a double tetrax, ala the double plumbutters of the past.


Apologies if this is a bit of a threadjack but I wasn’t sure it justified a thread of its own…

I’ve just ordered a Tetrax and, while I’m waiting for it, I thought I’d try and get a power supply and some banana cables.

So I’d like to ask, can anyone recommend suppliers of:

(1) a 12 volt DC power supply (@ 300ma or greater) with a tip positive, 2.1mm plug, and

(2) suitable bananas (I think they may need to be 4mm but I’m happy to be corrected on that - also, sorry but I’ve no idea how many or what length I should get)…

The catch is, I’m in the UK, so it’d be great if delivery/postage costs were less than the wallwart and cables!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:


You’re in luck on both counts.

Bugbrand has great power supplies that work perfectly with all of the CL stuff AND he also sells great banana cables.

He doesn’t have the power supplies listed on the page it looks like (from what I can find), but if you email him, he has plenty of them. These are the same ones that come with all the instruments from Patch Point.