Mobenthy/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Finally getting around to listening to these tracks.

I really really love the sound of the namasitar and I’m super curious about the shbobo shtar now.


as far as i understand the schematic of the blipoo box, each rungler controls the resonance of a bp filter. i think that’s why it gets this blip/bloopy sound.

@laborcamp : how did you patch your grassi module ?


Yup that would do it!

I guess that just reminds me how much I dislike filters!


That sounds absolutely bad ASS! Great patch man :smiley:


Made Of Wood III Ciat compilation is up for anyone interested. Free download.

theres a topic of instruments used here


so, if anyone’s got a plumbutter :grinning:
plz put some sounds up on the coffee klatch

we can listen to it
flip it, or just check it out


Hi all - sorry to take a sale to this thread, but thought it might be appropriate given how niche IFM stuff is.

I have an IGM Keyboard (Mocante + Mr. Grassi) for sale for $650 all in (PP fees and shipping).

Have a look at the pic below.


@mlogger @lijnenspel @iggrok i’d be thankful for any recommendations on power adapter for plumbutter


A 12V DC Wallwart, with 2.1mm jack, tip positive, sleeve ground. I use 500ma.


For those of you that have several IFM modules, if you had to double one (or two) up, what would it be?

I’m still organizing/planning my purchase(s), and have planned a small case around IFM stuff, and at the moment I have:
2 x fourses, 1 x swoop, 1 x denum, 1 x dunst, 1 x sprott, 1 x grassi

Which seemed sensible to me, but in seeing the “set” available directly from Peter now, it’s 1 x fourses, 3(!) x swoop, 2 x denum, so I’m wondering if 2 x fourses is overkill and/or perhaps I’m underestimating the swoop.

As a point of reference, this is what I have in mind at the moment:


this is a Gerassic Organ i made


it looks like you have a hairy cap device that is pretty smart


I just ordered a pcb for that from the Facebook group. I might hit you up for build tips once I get it :slight_smile:


I think you can basically do whatever you want with these modules :slight_smile:

The Swoop is one of my favourites… part VCA, part function generator, lots of crazy. I could see having two of them for sure, and I totally understand why Peter includes three in his set.

If I were doing this I’d probably do 2 Denum, 1 Fourses, 2 Swoop, 1 Dunst, 1 Sprott…


Interesting. So wouldn’t double up on Fourses then. (I guess it is 4 osc in one, in a way).

I’ll have a rethink and perhaps double up the swoop and leave a bit of space from there.


At the moment I have one of each in my setup… and I keep waffling between keeping it like it is so that everything fits in one big case, or breaking out my individual “instruments” into small cases. If I do that, then I’d probably build up the IFM set I mentioned in my last post.

Do you have a Swoop already?


its a 1 pole 12 rotary switch i made


yes no problem - i used the Gerassic notes / schematic plus the Lil Sidrassi docs regarding the caps and symbols.
Heres a cross post :

Having played with it more, theres a few things i just realised that might not be obvious to some.
Switches labelled 1, 2 and 4 on the circuit board each have 2 tuning.
Switch 1 corresponds to both tuning pots 1 on the board. Switch 2 corresponds to both tuning pots 2 on the board. Switch 4 to both tuning pots 4.
Tuning pots 3, 5, 6 and 7 have no effect.
I see no need to put pots on these.
I’ll probably take those off and put on mini trimmers.
Both tuning pots 0 chooses the master note that effects all 3 switches.
The sustain pot marked x on the board i have a 500k pot - this works well to go from long notes to plinky plucks to off (no sound).
If this had switches for 3, 5, 6 and 7 then that would be a bit special - thats why i bought 2 boards :slight_smile: The cap switch works really well and i’m liking the bass 0.1uf (104) and 1uf (105) subbass the best for plumbutter like clicky bass drums, with a little treble .01uf (103). The treble is good with short sustain for plucky sounds. The ultrasound annoys the dog and without fm it just sounds like i high pitched whine and i usually pitch down but makes a nice clicky sound. If that could be FM’d somehow, it would be great :slight_smile:
I think 6 x 100k sliders would be good for the trim pots 1, 2 and 4. 3 big knobs - 2 for pot 0 plus another for the sustain plus an additional one for switchable knob for the capacitors. Also if you didn’t want a 1 pole, 12 position switch you could always do something similar with an on/off/on switch


What is the purpose of these connection on the board? If they have no effect, could they be replaced by static resistors? You also mention putting switches on these instead, what would that do? Or am I missing something? :slight_smile:


I’ve not cut the wires to these pots yet so was afraid they could break the circuit somehow. If it did i would just put the mini trimmers on those ones.