Mobenthy/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


Caught these a few days ago… What an interesting guy!


My daughter watched this and remarked, “This is what a genius sounds like.” I had to agree.


Totally… I liked that part where he goes off to that cave to play his tocante and set off the purple smoke… Almost like it was some sort of shamanic ritual!



Mr. Grassi in charge of the lot:


Can you share some recordings & thoughts on Mr. Grassi? On the surface it seems like an almost idea “weird chaos interface”, but actual evidence of its thoughtful use has been difficult to find. Thanks in advance.


I was in the same predicament a few weeks back, i decided to get one in the end as I was too curious.

First off this thing is loads of fun in use. As you suspect it does throw out a bunch of chaos when you touch, when you release it hold the voltage it was at when you remove your finger. It also seems to be running at audio rates although you can slow down the modulations if you apply very light pressure but still their quite fast. Like traditional runglers you can’t control the clock rate or frequency of the oscillators inside (the way you touch seems to play its part in this area too).

The inner triangle of pads activate the runglers, you need to connect 1 inner to an outer pad to get it going if that makes sense. They seem to be cross modulating each other, touching an inner pad to different outer ones had different modulation flavours.

I have load of chaotic type samples ive recorded with it but as their working with other modules its hard to hear what the grassi is doing.

Here is a simple example: 1 of the 6 outs going into a sine wave volt per octave you can hear more clearly what its doing. Anywhere the pitch is sustained is where i release my finger toward the end i attempt to slow it down a bit touching lightly. :smiley:


That’s. . .a lot of chaos sauce. I can imagine connecting this to a Planar or some other mechanism for introducing it and then removing it from a mix would be very helpful.


@Rodrigo I’d love to hear some audio of PB’s stringed instruments. They look fascinating.

But also, GAH!! The mixing of standard and metric measurements in that blog post… He is as maddening as he is inspiring…


Hehe, real crazy son-of-a-bitch that guy!

This track is one of my fav uses of the Namasitar:

And all I play on this album is Namasitar and Old Mr. Grassi:

With “Fig. 3” being a particularly tasteful example.


Not sure how “thoughtful” this is, but here is a video of a single pass recording straight from the modular. Simple (though crazy) driving structures that emerged from a patch focusing on Mr.Grassi. Am still having fun with it!


Quite liking the sound of the Grassi module. Since the ‘real’ (paper) one has more contact points I wondered if the euro one would get those same textures/tones, and it sure does!

Even though, to my understanding, it’s a Rungler, I wonder why it sounds so different. That is to say, I don’t like the blip/bloopy sound of runglers, but I love the Grassi. /shrug


Finally getting around to listening to these tracks.

I really really love the sound of the namasitar and I’m super curious about the shbobo shtar now.


as far as i understand the schematic of the blipoo box, each rungler controls the resonance of a bp filter. i think that’s why it gets this blip/bloopy sound.

@laborcamp : how did you patch your grassi module ?


Yup that would do it!

I guess that just reminds me how much I dislike filters!


That sounds absolutely bad ASS! Great patch man :smiley:


Made Of Wood III Ciat compilation is up for anyone interested. Free download.

theres a topic of instruments used here


so, if anyone’s got a plumbutter :grinning:
plz put some sounds up on the coffee klatch

we can listen to it
flip it, or just check it out


Hi all - sorry to take a sale to this thread, but thought it might be appropriate given how niche IFM stuff is.

I have an IGM Keyboard (Mocante + Mr. Grassi) for sale for $650 all in (PP fees and shipping).

Have a look at the pic below.


@mlogger @lijnenspel @iggrok i’d be thankful for any recommendations on power adapter for plumbutter