Mobenthy/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


i love that but dang, not the one i’m thinking of either

like buried in a “manual” or something


Finally got a bunch of IFM modules recently, and totally LOVE them!! Stumbled across this thread today.
Can’t track down a Fourses or Swoop yet though, boohoo :frowning:


How can you sync a Cocoquantus to other gear.? I’ve no euro rack but use a Double Knot which gets synced by midi clock, or again am I missing the point. Thanks


DK into Coco is easy. You can for example take a trigger from clock out (banana) or sequencer on the DK directly into the skip of the coco delays. Or take cv from the DK sequencer into the tape speed of the coco. There’s unfortunately no “end of sample” out from the cocos.


Hi @lijnenspel - I saw your FS thread from Oct’16 with a Fourses for sale, I assume that’s long gone?


Gone unfo! Mobenthey modules in the EU fly within seconds…


I guessed so! I’m asking Control in the US if they can re-stock, will see… :slight_smile:


My Tocante Bistab deserves an energy spa day, but I’m afraid Brooklyn is too far for it to travel on its own.

(Actually, a new higher capacity battery sounds good, but our house is surrounded by tall trees and 3-story buildings so there’s not a lot of opportunities for solar charging. I usually power it from a rechargeable 12-volt power bank.)


Following my email to Control, they now have the IFM modules on pre-order for anyone else needing any! Hurrah!


Question for anyone who has a Dunst – In the time that I’ve had one I’ve mostly used the “Dust” top section, but am now experimenting more with the Noise (BNOICE) section. The Hiss output seems fine, but I’m not getting anything I can find from the Noise Pulse output… I’ve tried listening to it directly, and trying to use it as a pulse to trigger things… nothing.

Is there something I’m missing? Or could something be malfunctioning?


You should be getting a very audible crackle, like a dusty record, at high settings. Then if you modulate it with the attenuverter all the way CW it is a harsh noise/fuzz as voltage increases. I had hoped that it would trigger things but it doesn’t seem to. The same for the pulse out of the dust section for me - it doesn’t trigger anything either which from the manual I thought it would (it’s meant to be 12v right?). Does the dust pulse work like that for you? Ps still love Dunst


Thanks. I’m going to do some testing tonight and will let you know.


I have some questions about the Cocoquantus… Has anyone here used both the first and second version?

I’ve been looking for one and recently @lijnenspel tipped me off on a CQ1 for sale second hand. But the price is quite high and the stretch to a new CQ2 isn’t too far away price-wise… so i’m wondering:

Are there’s any “pro’s and con’s” between the different versions? I get that there’s extended availability on the design of CQ2 and different (easier?) patchability with the banana jacks. Also more conveniently placed freeze switches, etc. But does the first version offer something of it’s own that the second doesn’t? Is the CQ2 “better”?

Also, would a alligator-to-banana plug on CQ1 work just as well as the regular nana’s on CQ2 for interfacing with other banana based gear?


Yes. Alligator and banana jacks are electrically the same - they both carry the signal. As long as the grounds are connected (which I am sure you’re used to with your other banana equipment) everything should work fine.


Update to my Dunst problem. I emailed Peter B and he suggested I try the trim pot on the back of the module, this has some effect on the diode noise that powers the BNOICE section.

I turned it all the way counter clockwise, then while listening slowly turned it until I heard some crackles from the BNOICE Pulse output.

So now it works! I guess it was just a clalibration issue. The output is still quiet, but it does its job.


I believe I saw one or 2 Coco2’s at Muffs for around a grand recently - arguably ‘better’ imho


So (I assume - excuse the ignorance if not) turning the trimpot CW increases the voltage to and from the circuit? Did you try it at higher settings and see it the BNOICE crackle will trigger events. From the manual BNOICE pulse should output “brief spike from zero to
ten volts, with varying densities.”. I’ll give this a go later.


Thanks for the input Raub. The sellers on Muffwiggler only ship to US buyers… the search continues :slight_smile:

Quite confident now that it’s a CQ2 i’m getting though!


I love the idea of a mosque-tuned pipe organ in the conclusion…


Hi there - any chance you have a photo of where the trimpot you adjusted is, on your Dunst? Or can describe where it is on the back? I have a Dunst with nothing coming out of BNOICE and I wonder if it’s a fix as simple as this…

I have another Dunst with the lovely dusty record crackle coming out of the BNOICE…

Thanks much!