Mobenthy/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread


There’s only one trim pot on the back, so it’s that one :slight_smile: It’s a blue mini pot that you have to use a tiny flat head screwdriver to turn (like a jewelers screw driver)


Ha - thanks! Mine doesn’t seem to have one - unless I’m just totally blind. It’s not on the front of the circuit, under the faceplate, is it? Maybe I have an earlier iteration or something…


No, mine is right there on the back. When I emailed Peter about it he did ask if mine has a trimmer, so maybe they don’t all have them?


22 minutes of Plumbutter. Some tracks are obviously PB, but half use such heavy effects that the PBiness of them gets smeared into unrecognizability. This thread influenced my move into Ciat-Lonbarde territory, so figured I’d share my first CL focused collection,


Likewise here’s a quick mix of some Rollz:


@cmcavoy @rmro these are exquisite! I’ve said it plenty of times now, I love hearing other people play the rollz, but I’ll never be able to enjoy playing one :grin: glad there are people that do!


Glad you did. I’ve been enjoying this over the last day. Thanks for sharing


Glitch’d Tetrax + friends.


Could someone explain how the aux inputs on a Plumbutter are used, are they direct outs for the instruments?


From left to right they are stereo inputs for the gongue, av dog and deerhorn. Really love processing audio gongue in -> ultrasound


Ah ok, so they work like a send on a mixer? I’m presuming it creates more internal cross modulation/feedback not e.g. processing audio whereby you could play audio from another source through them?


No, they are just stereo mini jack inputs (no send return tip ring bla), the audio will be processed by the gongues, av dogs or deerhorn and will come out of the main output of the pb. For example the two gongues are “just two filters” so if you use the aux input you are “just filtering” the stereo audio signal via the two different gongues. Try it with simply playing some music into the gongue input (left most) as they are the easiest to start with (the av dog and deerhorn need to be triggered to make the signal audible), turn gongue up on the mixer and change the frequency of the gongues to hear the effect. Then, for example, take the gongue out (white) and process it further with the ultrasound :slight_smile: The Av dog and deerhorn aux processing seemed more like simple vca’s last time I tried. Hope this makes it a bit more clear? Happy to explain more, it’s one of my favourite uses of the PB :slight_smile:


I have a Sprott coming. I can’t even find much about it but I can see it has the spirit of Peter’s work so I’m very excited. This will go with the Dunst and Swoop


Very cool patch! I’ve just started to get to know the PB. It really is a full fledged, self-contained instrument. I’m surprised over how versatile it is.

Do you have any more fun patches or insights about the plumbutter to share? :slight_smile:


Oh sure! I really love feeding ultrasound into everything, esp. deerhorn or avdog fm. Avdog becomes stepped/“quantised” this way.

I’m using the un/modulation outputs of the gongue into the rollz often for adding tempo changes. That’s how I did the percussion for this track

Also use mods out of gongue into the mixer to do accents or distortion.

Still haven’t spend much time with the avdogs and man with red steam, but guess there’s a lot to experiment there as well. You can turn the avdogs in to awesome drones.


This track is 100% Plumbutter 2. Slaps that knock hard + relentless smacks.


Very pretty, I liked the mood.


Interested in opinions: I use an Octatrack and a Rollz-5 as part of my current setup, both instruments I gel with. I keep peering over the edge into CL land, Coco and PB2. I was wondering if others have followed a similar route and whether to add a PB or Coco, I feel both OT and Rollz cover similar ground to Coco and PB. I’m leaning towards a Coco, either are a bit of a £ investment in EU.


It really depends what you want to get out of it. Neither will overlap with the OT. The PB2 is similar to the Rollz, but with a lot more control over the sound generators and many more inputs/outputs. The Coco will give you lo-fi delay/looping with lots of modulation.

I have a Coco and PB2, they’re amazing for what they do. I went from the Rollz5 to the PB2 and it was a good move…


Do you still use your Rollz? My only concern with the Coco is the 8bit thing (who am I kidding I just want one!)