Mobile HTML version of the Teletype cheatsheet document

Yoo! I use the Disting quick guide all the time as a Disting reference on my phone, and I found myself wishing for something similar for Teletype. So I made one! I have it hosted in a git repo at: Teletype v4.0.0 Cheatsheet

I am not a web dev so I would love your feedback – particularly, I’ve only been able to test my layout on one person’s iPhone and a couple of Google Pixels, so if the layout looks funky on your device, please hit me up. The rotated link CSS and getting rid of scrollbars gave me a toothache, but I wanted to waste as little space as possible onscreen.

I’m also new to the community here so IDK what the pull request vibe is? My Python script to generate the single-page document is on a teletype branch over here.