Mobile PD Patches

Please share brilliant works of PD patching here! Emphasis on patches optimized for mobile systems - MobMuPlat, libPD, Organelle, etc.


otem rellik patches

all built for MobMuPlat - live looping, one-shot sample banks, synths, fx & more

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Attention @dizzybanjo. This seems up your alley.

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cool! yep i keep meaning to try to get the time to package up some stuff and put them on patch storage, also release the bits of my library which are stable enough to make sense to others. Hopefully I get time soon!


I’ve been meaning to ask someone since I noticed the whole organelle community tends to use PS

why not github? any advantage when dealing with pd patches? I’m signing up for both to find out but am curious

I dunno. It’s nice that they’ve specifically categorized Pd patches by target platform, since that sometimes matters. I’ve had some experience with the difficulty of grouping multiple repositories under some category in github, especially if those repositories are owned by different organizations. So a 3rd party site can be handy for that kind of thing. There no reason the two ideas can’t work together though.

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I’m just getting back into PD and have a couple things I’ll have to dig up to share

thanks for starting this