Mod requests / moving posts

what’s the best way to contact mods to do some mod action, is there a tag for the mod group?

also for moving posts to a more appropriate thread, is flagging posts and specifying move as the reason a good way to do, or is it more intended for flagging offensive content?


Flagging looks like it’s intended for inappropriate content, but it might also be the best way to bring something to the attention of a mod.

Alternately it would be nice if there was a way to @ the moderator group in general, that way the request to move a thread would be part of the thread history.

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there is the option to direct message, using the “moderator” group handle.

from the other side of the table, flags are nice because there’s a clean “agree / disagree” interface that makes for quick direct action. the “something else” option in flagging feels like the most positive approach while retaining clean records on the backend.

interested to hear others’ thoughts!


I was a bit confused by flagging in discourse at first, but I have to agree with Dan_Derks now, it’s really the best option.

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