Modular ambient album – The Lyres in Trees

it’s funny what you become known for, and to whom, and all their perspectives that come into play. i’ve had many synth enthusiasts say i’m too poppy and many pop listeners say i’m too experimental. though being on a forum like lines and hearing someone “wish it was pop-ier”, that’s a first for me haha.

i’ve been bouncing around genres my whole life and quite inconsistent about how i promote myself. i wonder if the most poppy material is just what has naturally been able to engage the most people.


Funny how it changes for people though. I remember being disappointed when Autechre went very generative (Confield, I think?), and now it’s some of my favorite work of theirs. Better to just do what you think needs to be done…


It’s called pop for a reason, right?

Setting aside the billion questions about why things appeal to people, it seems pretty clear that certain traits reach a larger audience, although possibly with less depth…

I’m trying to reverse my tendency to judge excessively based on my own aesthetics and beliefs, which I have recognized have the potential for making me the kind of person I’d rather not be…

At the end of the day, you gotta do what you are called to do, and not worry about what people say, or not much anyway…

So far I am really liking your new release, by the way!


edited to add the video for “triad flux” which i just posted.

and @eblomquist @_mark yep totally - best to just do you!


To be fair, I said that as a fan of your other work. I also don’t think I fit very squarely into the prototype lines user model. :laughing:

Making good pop is hard, and as you are a person who seems to excel at it, I miss hearing those sensibilities in the forefront of this work. But as noted, I appreciate the choice to do something outside of your usual!

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This calls to mind some lab where some mad scientist tinkerer is slowly and methodically assembling us. I’d like to visit this place!


Thank you Andrew! Love your music and videos! Keep up the great work!

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I like this album a lot but I don’t find it calming in the slightest. So much melodic and harmonic motion! It’s good for energy.

didn’t expect to hear that, thanks for sharing how it came across for you!