Modular in Grand Designs on TV

I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the popular TV show Grand Designs, which features unusual and often elaborate architectural homebuilding projects, but this coming Wednesday 21st November on Channel 4 in the UK, I’ll be making a special appearance in the show. I was filmed in my studio speaking about using my elegant modular synth set up to design the permanent sound installation to this unique concrete house in London, Vex.

I thought it might interest some people to see how such systems can be applied in very special situations. It feels especially exciting to sneak into such a popular show that so many folks watch, with some quite challenging music and ideas too. You should be able to watch the show back online afterwards too, in case you miss the broadcast of course.

More on the house here

And you can watch it back here after the broadcast


Fascinating! I’ll look forward to that… I love a good Grand Design. When I saw your title I wondered whether your own home was featured!

Shall definitely take a look - thanks for info :smiley:

I’ve always loved grand designs and, this house sounds particularly impressive. Really looking forward to watching this.

Well, it is in a sense, as you’ll be able to see the grand interior (if it remains in the edit that is) :smiley:
Perhaps I’ll only be on for a minute but the viewership for this show is huge and any chance to share more exploratory ideas in such a public forum is exciting I find!


The house is amazing. Once a year there’s an Open House in London where you can visit the building, whilst the poor family has to move out for the weekend!

Just saw it, shame they didn’t give you more than a few seconds to show your work but good that they at least acknowledged it! Where can I hear the full track?

Typical TV editing. You can hear the work here

I’m going to put the release on Bandcamp today as well I think after a lot of interest :slight_smile:

Whilst in the house itself meanwhile I made this recording, where I followed a kind of Alvin Lucier “I am Sitting in a Room” pattern where I played the sound back into the house and kept re-recording it. This, to me, is really how the piece should be experienced:


Very cool! I remember we talked about this when I interviewed you and I’ve been curios to hear the result ever since!

Was wondering why I hadn’t seen this house before but I see that it’s on the other side of the high street, closer to Clapton. Will keep an eye out for it if I happen to be passing by.

Do have a look! It’s an amazing creation indeed!

Ah, nice. I’m uploading the entire project to Bandcamp this afternoon too, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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super fan of the show! do you know where can i see the episode online?

looking forward to ear the project

You can watch the episode back here. It’s the episode for House of the Year - Extreme Houses
Series 4 Episode 3

Kevin and his fellow judges visit an awe-inspiring set of cantilevered black boxes, a far-flung crofter’s cottage, a curvy concrete property, and a wedge house

I’m only for a brief moment as that’s how TV works but fun nevertheless!

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The project is now available to listen to at Bandcamp online, with a handsome CD to accompany it :slight_smile:


Interesting house - I loved the top deck. Agree with above - would (of course) liked to have seen more of the studio. But what a great space to create in.

I’ve only just seen this thread but am a Grand Designs regular, so it was a lovely surprise to see you on the show. I ran through to tell my girlfriend that “Scanner’s on Grand Designs!” and then went off on one about how beautiful your studio looks :slight_smile: Off to listen to the track now…

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Love RIBA house of the year so it was a very nice bonus to get some modular thrown in :slightly_smiling_face:.

That poured concrete frame would give me nightmares planning; only one chance to get it right :flushed:

Thanks. It’s typical of TV unfortunately in terms of editing and in fact failing to tell the full story, i.e. the sound was commissioned by the architects to be a permanent part of the fabric of the house. And it’s the reason I generally decline invitations for TV as you are filmed for three hours, only for them to use 30 seconds!

Nice one, thanks! I do enjoy working on such extraordinary projects as this. The next one launching in two weeks time is a project sonification of soil through an App so you can measure the levels of quality in European soil. A Christmas Number One I suspect :smiley: