Modular in Grand Designs on TV

Oh believe me it was utterly terrifying when they poured the concrete, with the slightest mistake meaning failure. I was there from the very beginning, when there was simply a dirty garage and rubbish there, so it’s been a fascinating journey. I stayed there too and loved it myself!

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A great shot from another documentary made on the house where the modular get a little more focus! And the role of music gets far more credit in the relationship :slight_smile:


I really enjoy that show and love your work so I’ll be checking this out ASAP!

Ah, thank you :slight_smile:
Watch the other video at the bottom too for more modular fun!

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sublime work robin, just purchased. would love to visit the space some day. also, what a treat to see my cabinet design in an architecture show! (and as always, thanks to the incomparable ross lamond for making them)


What an honour to have your blessing for this. Fantastic. Your cabinet design has indeed featured in many publications now and on national TV now :smiley: Keep up the wonderful work!