Modular in Paris

I’m in Paris for vacation and had a little time away from the family today to walk around the city. The weather has been spectacular. Thanks to Google, I found a store called Modularsquare in the 11th arrondissement.

I’m from Boston where we have no synth shops :frowning:, so it was my first time being surrounded by so much modular equipment in person.

I met Cyril, the owner of the store and a super-nice guy. Luckily he was fluent in English and we talked about the differences between modular and virtual modular (VCV Rack). He did concede that if you want to patch 8 Plaits, it might be better to use virtual, although he said he has sold four of them to one customer.

I also met Nick, an American and Intl Sales Director for Moog, who happened to be in the store when I arrived. Like Cyril, he’s a very friendly guy and told me about living in Asheville, NC, home of Moog. I’m definitely going to make a trip to Asheville someday to tour the factory.

If you’re ever in Paris, stop by ModularSquare and check it out. Unfortunately there weren’t any events this week, but they regularly (outside of the summer) have live music events and stream them on Facebook. Cyril’s store is clearly a hub of the modular scene in France.


Cyril is an old friend of mine from back when I lived in Paris. He certainly improved Modularsquare with his energy and enthusiasm.

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My favorite shop in Paris!