Modular Meet Mid and West Wales 2019

i am developing a Mid and West Wales ‘Modular Meet’ event, probably May 2019 in Aberystwyth Ceredigion.

Anyone interested to get involved? Got a handful of others via Fb but would be great to find others.

Probably stalls, meet n greet ir show and tell with possibly collaborative jam or ither performance in the evening.

All the best

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Hey! Totally missed this. I could make anything but the first week of May (when I’ll be in SUNNY ITALY!)

Hi there @Simeon still exploring…just posted on a Fb page, but reaching out to any/local that fancy a trip. Don’t kniw the details yet!..

I fell off thinking about some kind of Mid Wales Modular Meet but if there is still interest can I suggest locating in the capital of Mid and West Wales----TREGARON, served by fine countryside, a decent pub and an available village hall, even some nice campsites and local accom if anyone wants to kip over.

Interested to start thinking and planning this-an informal bazar of synths and modular gizmos, informal learning, —possibly some kind of concert/jam., and happy to start putting this together with you and friends. Let me know?

Saturday May 11th (time to be worked out-afternoon till later?)

Kind regards


Damn, the missus has work all evening the 11th! :frowning:

Will certainly like to attend - have you dropped a note in muffwiggler events/gatherings topic area?

Just a thought - wonder if Cymru Beats @ Cardiff would be interested? Even a sticker on their window?